What do you really need for baby?

  • When preparing for our son’s arrival we bought every “must have” baby product we heard or read about. From the colic ending bottles to the genius creating play mat, we had it all. Many of those things were later sold at yard sales or given to friends. As it turns out there were only a handful of items that we truly could not live without. What are your “must have” baby items?

  • ~Moby Wrap (carrier)

    ~Pack N Play


    ~Boppy Pillow

    ~Soothing toy (Playschool musical seahorse)

  • I think a must have for babies are:


    lots of cute burp cloths

    lots and lots of blankets ( for swaddling)

    and a good easy to handle stroller (i cant wait for spring!)Smile 


  • I'm thinking I could not live without:



    blankets to swaddle

    footed pj's


  • I had a few things that were essentials with my daughter, hopefully it will be the same with my son

    -side-snap t-shirts-So much easier than onsies in my opinion


    -burp cloths

    -baby swing and bouncer

    Another thing that I always carried until my daughter was around age three was diaper wipes.  I used them for the obvious, but also for those dirty hands and faces that are bound to happen when you take little ones out.  I can't stand for my child to have a dirty face and my mom yelled at me for doing "spit baths" so I just stuck some portable wipes in my purse and everyone was happy.






  • You wont know what the must haves for your baby are until it arrives. I bought all the "must haves" and my baby girl (6 weeks old now) does not like the swing, bouncy seat, pacifier, or anything other than mom or dad to soothe her. So I would recommend trying these products out if you can before you buy, you may be saving yourself some money. I did, however, find that anything with buttons is to difficult to worry about in the middle of the night. I think that sleepers with zippers or the sleep sacks are must haves for ease of changing. Hope this helps.


  • I must be in the minority on the Bobby. I had one and never really used it. The only thing I used it for was to put behind my babies when they were learning to sit.

  • Hi Kristy - Just wait and try the swing in a month.  We have all that stuff and our son hated the swing until this past weekend.  He is 12 months old.  He loves the chair - which saved us as he hated the swing and still hates the pack -n- play.  Your daughter may like them as she gets a little bigger.

  • The little rattle like toys that you can buy for the car seat handles work well to keep then entertained when riding in the car.  Also, I bought several CD's with nursery rhyms and lullabies on them for long or short trips in the car.  LIFE SAVERS!

  • 3 week old son, all he really needed was lots of bottles an cloths/blankets.

    Sleep sacks were great for me at 3am

    My swing chair

    Travel System stroller

  • my "must haves" for my 2 month old son are:

    his bouncy seat


    his stuffed Brobee toy (green monster from Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba)


    convert-a-foot pjs (his feet are growing faster than the rest of him)

    and his wrist/foot rattles

  • my must haves are

    my dubble stroller




    high chair


    footie pj's

    i have two little one's one's 21 months and the other is 1 month they are both girlsif i didn'thave all of these to keep them bisy i'd proly go insane seams how my husband is gone for work alot

  • For our 19 month old the must haves are:

    Spare diaper,



    There are a few other things we may add to the mix depending on the situation (like car travel or sitting in an office) but those 3 are the only we never leave home without these days.

  • The must have's we have for our 4 month old Girl are


    Vibrating Bouncer/Side to Side swing


    Cloth Diapers & Receiving Blankets~~ for Spit ups, Burps, and she is teething on them to. ( She can't hold a pacifier in her mouth, she has a cleft lip and palate.)




    Mylicon~She gets lot's of Gas


    Baby Wipes and a Wipes Travel Case~ I Keep the travel cases in Our Car, Truck, Bedroom and a Big container in the living room.