traveling around with baby

  • i have a 3 month old.  what kind of stroller and other gear should i purchase to transport her around in the train and the bus? 

  • On a train or bus I would recommend getting the fewest and smallest items necessary to get the job done. We usually take a sling or carrier and take turns carrying our daughter when we travel. For us, it is easier than using the stroller.

    Of course, it may be of benefit to take a stroller that fits your infant carrier. That way you can move her around when she falls asleep without disturbing her.

  • For a stroller:

    I'm not sure about your bus lines but if they don't allow strollers to be unfolded while moving (I know some don't for safety reasons), I would go with one that can either:

    1) Fit an infant carrier so you can pop your child in and out of the stroller without disturbing him/her.


    2) Collapses as small as possible (I know many that fit infant carriers are bulky when collapsed). This will make it easier on you to hold on to and move on and off the bus, but will leave you holding your child as well.

    Other gear:

    A snugli or sling would probably be a good idea. Either one lets you carry your child easily and frees your hands up as well.

    I would also recommend an attachable toy, and a pacifier clip. Both of these are a dual win - they not only mean less times you need to pick up the pacifier or toy, but also help keep the peace (a screaming baby on a bus or train is no fun for mom let alone others nearby).

  • I would recommend a carrier.  I have FOUR baby carriers. 

    * My favorite for the first year is the Moby Wrap and you can purchase them at Target/ or Amazon.  If you have a friend who has used one this is probably the most common why you will find out about it.  Many people are intimidated by the wrapping of the carrier as it is just a long piece of fabric.  I have gotten so many of my friends to use these.  I LOVE IT!  Also the Moby has instructions for wearing twins or babies close in age.  These run around $30.

    * My favorite for over a year is the Baby Ergo which is a front, back and side pack.  My son loves to be on my back (even now at 2), and he LOVES it if I wear a hooded shirt because he sticks his snack in it ... so silly, but then he has two hands free too.  Ergo has a part for newborns with is sold seperately, if you just want to get an Ergo and no other carrier.  An Ergo is around $100.  I found mine online and I didn't have to pay tax or shipping.

    * My husband's favorite was the ever popular Baby Bjorn from Sweden.  This is a front pack only, but my husband really liked the feel of all the material holding the baby and holding him.  He felt secure with it (compare for example with the Moby Wrap).  He LOVED the easy of putting it on.  But my thought is the baby isn't close enough to me.  I thi.nk there are many different models from $50-100

    * I also bought a Taylor Made Sling, which has a metal, strong D-ring.  I tried this one and didn't like it.  It was just been sitting in our baby "junk" ever since.  I have tried to sell it on Craig's List with no luck ... BUT I don't blame people, I didn't like it, why would they ???  I just couldn't get the sling thing going.  I believed I paid $40.

    So if you are looking to wear your baby there are many different methods offered.  I highly recommend trying them on and talking with parent friends about their favorites.  This might also be affected by your lifestyle - Do you walk a lot?  Do you like structure?  Is price a factor?  Do you live in a hot or cold climate?  When is your baby due?  Do you live in the city?  Do you plan on use the car seat as a carrier (for how long)?   How many children will you have to carry at once?

  • Unfortunately, the original Baby Bjorn does not have a waist band and can get to be uncomfortable very quickly.  Also, it has a narrow strip of fabric that goes between the baby's legs and leaves them "crotch dangling" like a rock climber. 

    There are 5 types of carriers & the possibilities are endless


    ring slings (like Taylor Made)

    mei tais

    wraps (woven wraps like Didymos, BB Slen, Girasol can be used until  your child's in preschool and can be used for back carries.  Stretchy wraps like the Moby get pretty uncomfortable for the parent once the babe's around 15 pounds.  Also stretchy wraps should NEVER be used for back carries.)

    soft structured carriers (like the Ergo)

    You can find a ton of information at

    I never use a stroller.  I do everything with my DD in a wrap on my front or back--grocery shopping, outdoor concerts, salsa class.  When she was smaller I used a ring sling because they are so quick.  Soon, though, I wanted something that was used on both shoulders rather than one.