Detergents for baby

  • I had a question for all of you moms out there. What is the best type of detergent that is used for baby? Today I was looking at walmart and found 3 different kinds in the detergent isal. These three kinds were "Dreft," "Purex baby" and "All baby." The dreft is what my mom told me to use for the babies clothes, but I mean that is what was out when I was a baby and that was 21 years ago. So if you would be so kindly to leave what kind you prefer, I would gladly like it.

  • I use Dreft and love it. I used Dreft for my first child and now I use it for second.  My second child has very sensitive skin, and the Dreft works just fine for him.   Also Dreft makes a stain remover that is awesome.  It removes all my tough stains, and now that I have a toddler I encounter alot  of stains.

  • Thank you for your input. Just one question though.... when you are on a fixed income should i go with the cheaper one of the three? The cheapest one of the three is the purex baby. So I don't know what to do.

  • Go with the cheapest - I did - after all it's going to go right down the drain anyway.  I would also recommend using OxyClean Stain Remover for Baby.  I bought it at Babies R Us.  It works really well as a pretreater to take off the formula spit up stains and poop stains. 

  • The main idea behind Dreft, Purex, and other baby detergents is that they are free of dyes and perfumes. I found that the specialty "baby detergents" were often priced incredibly high. Getting the "dye and perfume free" version of almost any brand can be the cheaper way to go, since you can buy whatever is on sale. This way you are also looking out for your baby's skin and your pocket book at the same time. Hope this helps!

  • As PediNurseJulie said, the important thing is getting something dye and fragrance free. I use All Free and Clear for my daughter. Personally, I think its just as good as the specialty baby detergents but is much cheaper. If you are on a fixed budget I know they have other "free and clear" detergents as Dollar General and other such stores. Plus, its much easier to find coupons for "non-baby" detergents.

  • I used Dreft when my boys were born. With my daughter though, I switched to All Free and Clear. I wanted something that I could use for all my laundry so I would not have to deal with a separate product just for baby laundry. It did not irritate her sensitive skin and it didn't seem to have the perfume scent like Dreft.

  • I didn't really think that Dreft had a perfume scent. I have never heard of any "free and clear" detergents, but I will have to look. The Purex baby is like around 4 dollars at walmart but I haven't looked anywhere else for that kind. And thanks to everyone for their comments. I only have 4 weeks left till my little one is here, so I thought that this board would help me out alot and it has. Thank you all again.

  • Your baby is coming so soon!! Let us know how it all goes! Smile

  • I used the Purex and it works great. My daughter also has sensitive skin and this work well for her. It has been the only thing I used. Plus as often as you wash the baby cloths Purex was the best for my dollars. A little goes a long way even for a cheaper brand.

  • I think you can use anything you want. Fragrances and all. 

    Personally, we will try out a bunch of brands - all of them being free and clear of any dyes, perfumes, etc, as well as being hypoallergenic.  Dreft is a bit expensive, and now its not the only brand out there to use for babies or sensitive skin. 


  • I use Purex baby. I have an allergy to laundry detergent and there are only three brands i have found that won't make me break out in hives... purex is one of them. In addition i use downey and dryer sheets (walmart brand is the only one i have been able to find so far) with no dyes or purfumes. Didn't know about the stain removers though... i'll have to check into those.

  • Hmm with a new baby coming, I'll have to look into stain removers too. Let me know what you find! I just sort of lived with stains with my first but there has to be something out there that is a good solution!

  • I started off using Dreft, but then with my second, third, and fourth babies I wanted something cheaper and that I could use on the whole family's I chose All free and clear. Tide and Cheer also make versions of Free and clear detergents. As long as it doesn't have perfume or dyes you are okay.

    As far as stain can't beat the Shout Stain Gel in a stick. It gets everything out and you can use it even if your clothes have been siting in the laundry pile all week. I never have a stain it can't get out!!

  • I am new here and this is actually my first post. My grocery store sells a brand that is called Ivory Snow. That is what my mom used for my clothes. I was not sure if you had heard of it before.  I have really sensitive skin myself, so even for my own clothes I use Ivory Snow and Dreft.