Winter Stroller Gear

  • Hey All! Winter is definitely here in the Pacific Northwest - BRR!!! I still like to get outside, though, and go for walks/runs/trips to the market/etc. Does any one have suggestions for rain covers/ways to keep warm with a jogger? My little boy is 13 months old, so he is too big for those infant stroller sacks that keep little babies warm. Thanks!
  • If you can find them, Brooks Pond stroller blankets are the best! I had to buy one when we lived in Tacoma, it was way too rainy and chilly for just a blanket (plus they blow off sometimes). I bought mine on ebay for around $20, I would check it first (they retail for $95 and are backordered on their site).

  • Thank you! You are totally right - regular blankets don't really do the trick and get kicked off, etc. I will check this out - I appreciate it! :-)
  • I live in Custer WA, I'm really far North, like about 7 mins from Canada and I'm fairly close to a body of water. I have been wondering the same question that you posted. I love to be outside and go for walks. My little guy is only 8 weeks old, so he cant really tell me if he is getting wind or rain or what ever on him, so I need something that is protective and waterproof would be good too! I can bundle him up, but it only does so much good when in the middle of my walk it starts to wind and rain and the blanket blows away as the rain starts to pick up! So if you find some good products, I dont know how for you to respond to me. So I'll give you my email address. its thank you God bless

  • Ladyinred26-I found some good products online if you just search for "stroller sacks". I haven't bought one yet...let me know if you do! I was planning on finding some good products and then maybe searching for them in consignment stores, etc since they all seem to be a little pricey. Good luck!!