sleep sack or thick sleeper?

  • I am a first time mom and i have a 7 week old he wiggles around so much at night that he wiggles right out of his blakets and will end up side ways in his bed and since it becoming winter the house gets cooler at night, im really tight with my budget and was wondering if these sleepsacks are really worth the money or if i should get some more thick sleepers, he dosnt like to get to hot and i dont want him to get to cold.  

  • My little guys a wriggler too! Sleep sacks ARE great because they provide a "blanket" that stays in place and you don't have to worry about it getting up around their head/mouth. They can cost a bundle, however. Sometimes you can head over to consignment stores and find unopened sleep sacks and things for discounted prices. Another idea is to dress you little boy in some extra thick sleepers and layer a onesie underneath for an extra layer of warmth. My family is on a budget too and we got a small room heater for about $30 (you can get them anywhere really) and we put it in my son's room. That way you can keep his room a bit warmer even if you have the heat lower in the rest of the house. Two sleep sacks can easily cost $30, so it was a pretty good investment for us. I hope this helped!

  • I've never used a sleep sack. I like to use a t-shirt under a sleeper. I think that would work just as well so I probably would not want to spend a lot of money on the sleep sacks. I much prefer items that can multi-task!

  • I'm a first time mom of a little boy that is 8weeks! I love sleep sacks! I'm on a seriously tight bidget myself. I found a really nice consigment store in the town I live(well not the tiny town i actually live but the nearest bigger town:)) Most consignment stores will not sell anything that is not in good condition. You can also bring in things that your son has grown out of already or you have too many of, and get store credit for it as your things start to sell. then you can put the money from the sales of your items towards the purhase of anything you want. Most of them will just give you the money from the sales if you wish to shop elsewhere. I have found that using consigment is incredibly easy, and saves me money! even though the things I bought brand new I dont get all that much money for, i can use the money to buy nearly new gently used things. I got 4 sleep sacks all for $4 a piece! Second hand stores are another option for money saving ideas, but they dont always have the quality as consignment and consignment has specialty stores, ya know, just for baby and children's things. Then if you get a few sleep sacks cheaper, and dont like em, you are not out so much, or you can re-consign them! I hope this helped you out a bit! Sorry if i repeated myself a bunch, I had to leave my computer 3 times while typing this. Good luck! God bless