• I confess: I purchased my first sling because of how cute the model wearing it looked. I could just imagine myself frolicking around town with my daughter in the sling while onlookers gushed and turned green with envy. If I am being totally honest, the benefits for the baby were really just an afterthought. (As it turns out, wearing your baby can make her happier, more independent, and even smarter.) As soon as I experienced firsthand the warm fuzzy feeling of a sleeping infant cozied up to my chest while still being able to do the laundry, I was hooked. Since then, I’ve become a bit of a sling addict. Lucky Baby Slings are by far my favorite. They are super easy to use, come in very trendy fabrics, and the prices are much more reasonable than other brands.

    1.         Do you carry your baby or plan on carrying your baby in a sling?

    2.         Do you have a favorite type or brand of sling?

    3.         Have you made your own sling?

  • I agree and love wearing my kids. I bought my first sling with my first baby, a peanut shell and was in love. It was a microfleece, super soft and stretchy. Then with my 2nd I bought a cotton stretch as well same brand, Peanut shell. I tried a few others including the lucky sling but liked that the peanut shells were wider and seemed more sturdy. They worked best for us Big Smile

    So that would be our vote for favorite brand!! Any way, you should try a sling!

  • Stretchy sounds great. None of mine were stretchy. If there is a next time I will have to try the Peanut brand. This time it was a little more than I could spend. Of course, had I not bought 5 slings then I probably could have afforded a couple of the more expensive brands. Big Smile

  • I bought a sling and didn't find that it worked for me. I tried it a few times with my baby and always felt she was either going to be smothered from the heat she and I generated and was captured by the material, or she was going to fall out. I used the Snugli with my first baby and ended up doing that again with my second one. It worked out much better for us. But I still longed to be one of those sling moms (peer pressure, I guess). Any tips for making the sling work for you?

  • I would have liked a sling but my daughter had other plans. Her favorite position, from birth basically, has been over the shoulder. She find putting her head in the crook between my/her mom's neck and shoulder the best thing ever. We tried a snugli but she hated it. Now that she's older and better able to focus on the world around her I am considering a backpack, but worried it will be the snugli all over again...

  • Writemommy, I had trouble with my sling at first and it turned out to be the wrong size for me. When I ordered a smaller size it was just perfect. However, I never did master sling nursing like the women in the pictures. I just held her and nursed while throwing the sling over her. :)

  • I don't really care for the sling type of wrap... but i love the moby wrap ( i can wear my kids in any form it's so awesome... it's $40 to $50 for one but it's worth it... i use mine everyday and we're both very happy...

  • Is the Moby Wrap easy to use? Like can you hop out of the car, throw it on, and put your baby in it before going in the store? It looks very supportive and cozy, but I was always afraid of getting it on and off.

  • BabyNurse: What did you do about the heat generated between you and your baby in the sling. If I wasn't heating up with my daughter attached to my torso, I know my baby was. It just seemed that it all got stuck with no place to go. I know there are some slings that advertise they allow your baby to stay cool, but how well does that work?

  • writemommy: I never had a problem with overheating. My sling is very breathable. I actually held it over my face to see how well I could breathe when I bought it. Embarrassed I'm sure I looked very cool!

    When she was a small baby it was during the summer and we were mostly inside, but I think we would have been fine even in the heat. This Summer she was 1 and we wore it everywhere without any heating problems. I think the biggest thing is to keep a check on the baby by feeling their skin. I always felt like if she was warm on the side that was against me, but okay everywhere else she was fine. If she fussed or got sweaty and flushed I would have taken her out.

    That being said, I don't think I was ever too comfortable having her all the way inside the sling where I couldn't see her well. When she was that tiny it just made me nervous that I would cut off her airway and not know it. So you are not alone in feeling nervous. I probably used my Snugli more than the sling when she was 1-3 months. For me, it seemed easier and I could support her head better.

  • I have a question about the Snugli. I also have a Snugli and would love to use it but haven't yet.  My baby is two mos old. She seems so little in it. Her head is lower than the top of the Snugli and it feels like she doesn't have enough neck support. Her head moves from side to side and falls forward.  Did anyone else find this problem with your baby?  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

  • I wish I could remember if I had to support my baby's head or if the Snugli did it for me, but I just can't. Maybe someone else here has used a Snugli that early and remembers.

  • I have FOUR baby carrier. 

    * My favorite for the first year is the Moby Wrap and you can purchase them at Target/ or Amazon.  If you have a friend who has used one this is probably the most common why you will find out about it.  Many people are intimidated by the wrapping of the carrier as it is just a long piece of fabric.  I have gotten so many of my friends to use these.  I LOVE IT!  Also the Moby has instructions for wearing twins or babies close in age.  These run around $30.

    * My favorite for over a year is the Baby Ergo which is a front, back and side pack.  My son loves to be on my back (even now at 2), and he LOVES it if I wear a hooded shirt because he sticks his snack in it ... so silly, but then he has two hands free too.  Ergo has a part for newborns with is sold seperately, if you just want to get an Ergo and no other carrier.  An Ergo is around $100.  I found mine online and I didn't have to pay tax or shipping.

    * My husband's favorite was the ever popular Baby Bjorn from Sweden.  This is a front pack only, but my husband really liked the feel of all the material holding the baby and holding him.  He felt secure with it (compare for example with the Moby Wrap).  He LOVED the easy of putting it on.  But my thought is the baby isn't close enough to me.  I thi.nk there are many different models from $50-100

    * I also bought a Taylor Made Sling, which has a metal, strong D-ring.  I tried this one and didn't like it.  It was just been sitting in our baby "junk" ever since.  I have tried to sell it on Craig's List with no luck ... BUT I don't blame people, I didn't like it, why would they ???  I just couldn't get the sling thing going.  I believed I paid $40.

    So if you are looking to wear your baby there are many different methods offered.  I highly recommend trying them on and talking with parent friends about their favorites.  This might also be affected by your lifestyle - Do you walk a lot?  Do you like structure?  Is price a factor?  Do you live in a hot or cold climate?  When is your baby due?  Do you live in the city?  Do you plan on use the car seat as a carrier (for how long)?   How many children will you have to carry at once?

  • My first thought is the top of you Snugli is too loose.  She will only be getting stronger so in the meantime you could you a blanket to force her closer to your body and preventing her head from bobbing.  I believe your baby moving her head back and forth is just her desire to look around; at about 3 months you can face her forward in the pack.  Babies love to see the world around them.

    I know some systems have an attachment for children who can't support their heads yet, but it doesn't look like that's the case with the Snugli since they were designed for children from 7-26 pounds.

    Good luck!

  • I have had nothing but trouble with my sling.  My two month old hates being in it, and I cannot get it to fit properly on my body no matter how hard I try.  I am extremely large-chested, and i wonder if that has anything to do with it.  I can't believe someone spent $30 on a sling for my baby shower that I will probably never use.  It is an Infantino SlingRider.  I am wondering if I should have chosen a different kind, but certainly cannot afford to buy a new one now.