bumbo chair

  • My soon to be 10 weeks old daughter loves it when I prop her sitting up on the couch. A friend had recently told me about the bumbo chair - I'm just not sure how old should she be for me to be able to put her in one???

  • Bumbos are fabulous! I used to put my little boy in one and he would sit and watch me do the dishes or cook and we would talk and sing to each other. :-) Your daughter should probably have good head/neck control before you put her into a Bumbo because you don't want her to flop her head forward and injure herself. It's hard to give you an exact age because every baby is different in their development. Check the chair out, though. I think you will like it!

  • I love my daughters bumbo chair. Just be sure to get a bumbo and not a prince lionheart. I didn't start putting Kaylie in her's until she was strong enough to at least control her head a little. She still sometimes falls over, even at 4 months, but I think its because she is trying to see what is around her. Definitely look into getting one though, they are great!