Cloth Diapers

  • I am interested in maybe doing cloth diapers for my next baby. What is your experience with them? There are so many different types and brands and things to snap over them, various inserts, etc. Help! :-)

  • they are good to have on hand incase your child has a bad rash.  it's not good to use disposable diapers when they have bad rashes. however i have had experience with my sister in laws kids wearing cloth diapers exclusively and more often than not did they leak when they pooped.  i guess it's also trial and error on the brand, and if your not exclusively breast feeding the poop will be hard instead of mushy.

  • Ah, I never thought about them for rashes. Interesting! I see all these "brands" out there with various snap ons and things and wonder what the difference is between them. What kind did your sister in law use, do you know?
  • I have some cloth diapers. I don't use them much (mainly for burp rags) I went to Walmart & bought the big pack of Gerber "cloth diapers" which, are just like the burp rags you can buy (if you want it in fashion colors, haha), and pin them around her with "diaper pins" I bought online. I personally only use them every now and then, we put them around her normal diaper at night, because she tends to pee a lot and the cloth diaper holds everything her regular disposable one doesn't. The only thing I dislike about cloth diapers, is that they stain really easily with poop, and then you're stuck with "diapers" that look like they have been used 200000000 times, and they just look grungy. I personally will stick with my regular diapers for the most part, but I have used them, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to save money on Diapers. ( :