Road Trip w/ Infant

  • We are going to be taking a 10hr drive with our little girl who will be about 3.5 months at the time of the trip.  Any suggestions for keeping her entertained and happy while we drive?  The longest trip she's ever been on is 1 hr, and she slept the whole time.

    Also, any advice on keeping her schedule while traveling?  Right now she sleeps 9:30pm-6:00am, and takes several 2hr naps throughout the day.  I definitely don't want to mess that up :)  There's only a 1hr time difference so I'm not worried about that, just about her possibly sleeping all day in the car and then being up all night.

  • Road trips when they are this little are usually a breeze! The hum of the car and the vibrations on the road usually keep them pretty sleepy the whole time. Most of my kids slept the entire trip! You will of course have to stop every 3 hours or so to feed her, but then it was back in the car seat and back to sleep! You could also maybe choose to begin your car trip a bit earlier (like at 5 am) or begin it a bit later.. this way you can keep her up before or after your trip ends and she will be ready for bed again! Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • I echo MommyRN4 - road trips when the babies are little like yours are the best ones! It's the ones where you have to figure out how to entertain an older baby who can't yet play with things for himself that get challenging! I'm not sure there is too much you can do to keep your baby awake and playing like a normal day. The car really does lull them to sleep. Just stop every couple of hours to feed and play. Work those interruptions into your schedule for the road trip. When my husband and I did a similar trip with our 1 month old, we had about 45 minute stops every 3 hours. By the time I had fed my boy, changed him, and interacted with him a bit, time had flown by! You can play some music and have some little toys hanging from her car seat and a mirror for her to look in for entertainment. Hopefully she will actually be tired out from the driving and sleep anyway that night. I didn't usually have too much a problem in the evening with my guy. Good luck!

  • We recently took a similar length trip with our infant, and it was a breeze. Even her two older sisters were entertained by the DVD player we had bought. It may mess up your nap and sleep schedule a little bit once you arrive because your baby will be sleeping most of the ride, but it shouldn't be too tough. Have a great trip!

  • Thanks so much for the advice.  We're heading out next Thurs, so hopefully all goes well!  :)

  • Good luck and travel safe sgmitch! It might be very helpful to others if you post what went well and what you will do differently next time when you get back from your trip. Your profile pics is just adorable!! -jess
  • Good luck! You'll do great. Tell us how it goes. :-)

  • Thanks for all of your advice everyone.  You were right--it was an easy trip.  She slept through the majority of it.  We found that it was easiest to just play off Avery's timing.  When she got fussy we stopped so she could eat, but otherwise just kept driving.  I think we ended up stopping twice each way.  I also got a toy bar to hang on her carseat--we have a floor gym that she loves to lay under and watch so I thought it would keep her entertained.  She's still a little young so she only appreciated it for about 10 minutes, and only if I kept making it play music for her, but 10 minutes is 10 minutes :)

    Her sleeping schedule wasn't effected either.  We were only there 2 days so I kept her on our time zone's time.  She actually ended up wanting to go to bed early both nights because she was so worn out from meeting family all day (she got to meet 2 great-grandparents and her great-great-grandma :)  )

    Thanks again for your advice.  Next up is a flight to San Diego next month.  Hopefully she travels as well then :)

  • So glad to hear that the trip went well! Fantastic news!  You will have to keep us updated with the next trip as well. 


  • Yay!! So good to hear that all went well! It's always such a relief, isn't it?? All the worry and anxiety about it is so worth it for your kids to meet family. How precious that you got that time with her great grandparents, etc. You will do great on your next trip too. :-)