The great Diaper Genie debate

  • My husband and I bought a Diaper Genie after being told it was something we could not live without. After about a week of hauling links of poop out to the trash, we donated ours to a friend. We now use a good old fashioned trash can for diaper disposal. The rule is: if it stinks, take it outside. Otherwise, throw it in the trash and forget it. In the years following our Diaper Genie experience, we have learned that parents fall into 1 of 2 groups: those who love the Diaper Genie and those who loathe it.

    1.         Which group are you in?

    2.         Is there another brand of diaper pail that you recommend?

    3.         If you do not use a pail designed specifically for diapers, how do you dispose of them?

  • Personally, I love my Diaper Genie. I had one with my older daughter, and was on the fence the whole time. The links were weird and there was the smell when you took it out. Plus, it took me a while to figure out how to work it, since the instructions were so vague (we're talking 10 years ago).

    So when my new baby came, I didn't really think I'd get one again. But I found that it really was something that I really needed. To save money, we only used it for poopy diapers. The wet ones did fine in the regular garbage. I have to say that the second time around has been much better.

  • I don't think I hated it, but it wasn't awesome to me either. Often I'd forget to empty it until it was too packed to add more, at which point when I emptied it the smell was something awful. Or worse, links tore (ewww). While we haven’t gone as far as taking diapers individually to the dumpster, we do use the trash can as our master diaper collector. So far it's been enough, though I don't believe it will work forever - we have been fortunate enough her diapers are not bad enough to require more than that yet. When/if that changes... that's a bridge we'll have to cross when we come to it.

  • i got one from a friend and i thought it would be a hassel but its the new version that doesnt have the links but still some how keeps out the smell and i love it my husband and i wouldnt have a since of smell had we not used the diaper gene 2

  • I've heard the new ones are better. My best friend has a diaper champ and she loves it.

  • Very interesting, I didn't realize they had changed it to remove the links system... Does it still create one large pile inside of it before empyting? Does it require empyting more often?

  • We used one with the twins and it was great when they were very small. I found the links to be quite amusing and never noticed a terrible odor, until solid food that is. Once the kids hit solid table food, it is time to take those #2 diapers outside ASAP. I tried the different levels of liners and it didn't matter, too smelly. If we couldn't take them straight out, we would put them in plastic grocery bags and tie them shut in the kitchen garbage until we could run to the outside cans.

  • We use a diaper champ...same concept just we can use whatever bags we want. It is very useful for us because we throw away the diapers and when its full my husband brings it to the trash. We don't have any bad smells and don't have to spend extra money for the diaper genie bags and what not.

  • We love ours. Our house is 2 story so it's perfect for diaper changes that occur in her room (usually before and after bedtime/naps).  Any smell is really contained and it doesn't get "dirty".  Since she's only 10 months and goes to daycare it only needs to be emptied about once a week and a refil thing lasts forever.  Downstairs diaper changes go in the kitchen trash that's taken out regularly.


    I love my diaper genie.  It's great so far for the first year and more inexpensive than I anticipated to maintain the use of.

  • It appears as though I am the only one who truly loathed the Diaper Genie. Smile Maybe they have come a long way in the past 4 years. :)

  • I like the diaper genie II. It fills into one long pouch, not the links, and I only have to change it about once a week. Usually I fill it until I can't squeeze another in, but changing it out is really easy. There is a slight odor to it now only when I switch out the dirty diapers, but I have been using it for almost 13 months now and never really had to clean it. I wipe the cover every once in a while and spray some clorox disinfectant into the bottom and onto the top of the container. No issues otherwise.

    There is a newer version that uses the same refills that is totally hands free. You have a foot pedal to lift the cover before putting hte diaper in instead of using your hand to open and close the cover.

  • I have the new old style, its the update of the original Diaper Genie that I've had for both my kids and will use it again for my third boy due in March.  I found the smell only really gets bad when you have to remove the bag o' diapers.  Having put pull-ups and diapers in it at the same time; which I'll unfortunately be doing again; the smell was unbearable sometimes but that was only because of the content and they sat in there for some time occasionally.  I also cheated and put one of those stickem twisty air fresheners right to the bottom of the can.

  • Oooh, smart move. I don't know that we will be getting a diaper genie again anytime soon, but I might toss an air freshner at the bottom of the trash can in the kitchen. It doesn't have a permanent smell but when fresh filled diapers are in it the smell from it can be rather... pungent.

  • I wanted a diaper genie but my mother said that we didnt need it and she was indeed right, we just throw the diapers in the trash unless they are pooie this had worked fine for me maybe were just simple minded.

  • I love the diaper genie. I find it easy to use, although my mother does not. It never smells for me even when I change the diapers out. It did take me a day or two to get used to using it but after that it was easy. I have been using it for about a month since my daughter has been home. I use it for every diaper every time and have not has to change the refill. Although I do keep a box of gloves handy to push all the diapers all the way down to save the refills, I do this about once a week. I would recommend this to anyone. I must say I am also interested in the diaper champ because you can use any bag and I am a sucker for recycling.