Alimentum it works but what does it mean?

  • My son was born at 35 weeks and had a lot! of trouble with gas. His doctor put him on alimentum and he has thrived. I was never told if he actually had an allergy more that his digestive system wasn't prepared to break things down as easily as a full term baby.  I'm concerned if he is going to have trouble when he starts solid foods over the next few months. Has anyone else had their baby on alimentum and had any issues when starting solids?

  • I personally have not used Alimentum but my best friend has and her son is now 7 months old and doing great.  Alimentum is used for babies with a milk protein allergy actually.  Her son has eaten everything on the "safe" foods list with no issues and his favs are avocados but beware that when you mix it with the formula it turns a serious neon green.  Perfectly safe but just odd looking.  Since he has a milk protein allergy she was told to stay away from foods such as soybeans and tofu just to be safe.  I would suggest talking to your doctor about the formula to see if it is still necessary especially if a milk protein allergy has not been confirmed.  That way you can save some money if your son can tolerate one of the other Similac formulas.  Good luck and enjoy the world of solid foods to come.  Make sure to have the video rolling and a washcloth nearby.  Lots of fun!     

  • you shouldn't have any problem.  My son was put on to that formula when he was little (he had colic & acid reflex) and he did great when it came fime for solids. He's five years old now and he has no problems at all!

  • Charliesmama- There is no telling if your baby will have trouble with digestion as time progresses. I would say that the majority of babies grow out of those troubles as they get older. It is pretty unlikely that his body wouldn't progress significantly by the time he starts table food. H/e if not he will continue to make major strides as he grows. -Jess
  • Big Smile They put our daughter on it a little over a week ago. She was suffering from severe colic. Within 2 days she was like a different baby. its wonderful to see her not on pain anymore. I wonder about her having trouble breaking down proteins when she is older but this stuff is trully amazing.

  • My daughter was on Alimentum, and when you switch your son over to regular milk try using organic milk that is what I did. It was a very easy switch, took only about three weeks to break her from the alimentum. She also had no issue ajusting to regular foods I just introduced them to her slower then most people would.

  • my daughter is 10 months old now and she had severe colic as well aliment um was the 3rd formula we tried and I swear it was awesome! I tell everyone it is stop crying in a can. :) 


  • My son was also early and had tons of trouble with acid reflux, mostly. We tried several other formulas before our doctor suggested supplementing with alimentum. We used it exclusively (along with breastfeeding) until this week. My son will be 6 months this upcoming Sunday. We've found that we can now change his formula from the alimentum to the Similac Advanced as our doctor doesn't have any concerns with us doing so. 

    We started feeding solids again when he was 5 months and he's been doing amazingly well. Our only issue, I feel, is that we started him on solids a little early and had to take a 2 weeks break. We originally started him at 4 months and he wanted nothing to do with it. 

  • Alimentum was a wonderful find when my daughter was on formula.  14 years later and no food allergies and no issues.  She is lactose intolerant which is fairly easy to deal with.  Don't worry about your son, he'll be okay. 

  • Alimentum helped my daughter immeasurably. She had milk protein allergy and the formula helped her keep the formula down. Prior to that, she had reflux and spitting up problems but the Alimentum helped her feed normally. She's 2 1/2 now and doing great!

  • hi there,

    every baby is different.  i'd recommend speaking with your dr and getting his/her thoughts.

    my son was also born at 35 weeks.  he has an allergy to the proteins in cow's milk based formulas as well as soy based formula.  alimentum was a lifesaver!  he also has an allergy to corn and cannot drink the powdered version of alimentum (it has corn in it), but thrives on the ready to feed. 

    he's now 9 months old and is doing well with solids.  i always do the 3-4 day test with new foods (only introducing one new ingredient for 3-4 days before introducing anything else new to see if he's ok with it).  he has trouble with random things.  for example: he can't handle yellow summer squash, acorn squash, eggplant, etc, but does great with butternut squash, kabocha squash, etc.  he can't handle the single grain rice cereal, but is great with the single grain oatmeal cereal.  there's many more examples, but those are a few. 

    hopefully your little one will do fine with solids.  regardless of previous feeding issues, most pediatricians recommend doing the 3-4 day test for new food items.  your baby will let you know if something doesn't agree with them.  for example: acorn squash gives my son horrible diarrhea (his poor little bum gets so chapped in a matter of 24 hours that it almost bleeds), although he's not fussy.  whereas eggplant does not stop him up or give him diarrhea, but it hurts his belly and makes him gassy and he screams in pain all night long.    i'd encourage you to listen to your baby.  if something seems to give him difficulty, remove it and don't worry about trying it again until he's older.  there's plenty of things for babies to try.  i, personally, am not in a rush to keep trying things that i know he has difficulty with.  i'd rather give his digestive system time to mature more.

    i will add that i did not even attempt anything besides formula or breast milk until he was 4.5 months and then i only tried a very small amount of infant cereal every couple of days.  i gradually worked up to once per day when he was about 5.5 months.  he started eating solids twice per day around 6.5-7 months and only started eating 3 solid meals per day after he turned 9 months.  i know some parents start solids as soon as possible bc it keeps them fuller longer, etc, but i was not in any kind of hurry.  your little one will get all they need from formula or breast milk until you're ready to start them on solids, so there's no urgency unless your pediatrician recommends it for another reason. 

    good luck to you!



  • Our ped put our son on it because he had bad reflux and constipation. Not sure how it's going to work. We have tried everything else short of medication. We were just told to switch yesterday.
  • Our daughter was on Alimentium for a milk/protein allergy as an infant. Back then they only had the liquid. Our doc called it baby crack! but man, it worked! She was able to tolerate all solid foods with no problems and we were even able to switch her to cow's milk at 1 yr. She is now 8 and has no problems whatsoever! Good luck!

  • My daughter also is on Alimentum and now 7 months old.  She has went to solid foods perfect. No trouble at all.  I wouldn't worry about that!