• I have tried using Nuk, Playtex, Evenflow, ect. But the one's I have found my son to truly enjoy using is Tommee Tipee. They are pricey, but it's worth it. He has yet to get colic and he takes so well from them. 

  • We use Playtex Ventaire and its been good.

  • Love these! I just happen to try them (along with several others-with my first baby-who had open heart surgery, which caused acid reflux and these bottles have made all the difference!! ) LOVE THEM!!

  • Yea I agree I like the Dr brown bottles a lot. My brother used them for his son and recommended them to me and I love them.

  • I agree. Work wonders especially for a colicy, gassy little one. They are kind of a pain to wash the extra parts but it is well worth it.

  • I found that Dr. Browns bottles help so much with Gas and Fussiness. They have this tube inside that removes the extra air in the bootles that cause bubbles, that cause gas. I used a regular madela bottle for a week while I was trying new bottles out and my son had a horrible week of crying and arching his back. I immediately went back to Dr. Brown's and he was his normal happy self.

  • i bought a pack of different varieties. From the cheapies to more pricey ones but with different nipples. After you have your baby, the hospital will have the pre-made bottles. They will also have different nipples there too. They will help you learn what nipple the baby takes the best! My personal favorites are Playtex VentAire and the Nuks!! Good luck!

  • Wow! You have gotten a ton of good suggestions and advice!  I want to encourage you to check out a post in the "Baby Gear" board about bottle choices to see what is posted there as that may be helpful as well.  I also, as several other posters have suggested, think that this is a great question for the nurses at the hospital when you baby is born.  They will be able to evaluate how your baby feeds and what will be most helpful for him/her.

    Take care and keep us posted!


  • I agree strongly!! Dr.Brown bottles are number one in our family. My sister, and my 2 sister-in-laws used them and then I tried them and no gas problems. They are the best!! I'm having baby number 4 and I have purchased new bottles for our new arrival in January.Hoping you try them and have the success we have had. Good luck!!!

  • Did You find one you liked? I get Avent for my baby and i LOVE..............them!   For my first child, i got the Dr. Brown and they were ok. Just a real pain to clean though.. Avent are 100x's better and easier.

  • I love playtex drop-in bottles they are affordable cute and ur guaranteed to have a clean bottle every time esp if your on the go. The nipple are firm but soft and the bottlles are easy to read. My daughter is 3months and she loves her bottles. I would go from breast to bottle and she would transition good. Good Luck!Yes

  • playytex ventair

  • i love the dr. browns bottles. my daughter spit up bad up until she was 3 months old when i got the dr brown bottles. they help to keep her from swallowing much air. they were a life saver