• I have a 3 month old daughter....  I was completely against giving pacifier before she was born but realized soon after birth that it helped calm her down and put her to sleep without making her cry too much..  I am getting a little concerned now that she does not fall asleep without the pacifier in her mouth..  we remove it as soon as she falls asleep but she needs it to fall asleep .... If we dont give it to her no matter how sleepy she is she just keeps crying :( do i stop that ?  please help .....

  • My daughter now 11 months old has stopped her pacifier addiction i call it that since she would only sleep if she had it in her mouth, i didnt mind as it helps prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which had happened to our first child. So we did everything we could to prevent it this time. It worked to keep her calm as well so win win...Everyone thought she would stick to it & never get off like some children do but we kept giving it to her when she wanted it, in time she decided herself that she didn't want it. I think she was around 8 months. She kept spitting it out & refused it when we thought she wanted it. I say keep giving her what she wants when she's ready to let go she'll let you know.

  • Personally, I wouldn't worry about taking the pacifier away just yet. At 3 months old, she is still pretty young. Talk to your doctor and let your pediatrician help you determine when it is the best time to begin weaning her from the pacifier. If it helps her calm down, I would keep using it. Good luck and congratulations!


  • I have a 3moth old son I was completely against it too. But i had to use one. Regaurd less of anything they want it. Until they realiseit causes them to not be able to make noise. Just have one on hand. Good luck to you.

  • I agree with MommyRN... don't preoccupy yourself about when baby should have pacifier or when she should shed it. If the pacifier makes her more comfortable to sleep, use it. When baby is not sleeping or is in places like the car, the pacifier can help enormously. When baby is not sleeping, that is the time to make sure the pacifier doesn't just become a prop for her to lean on. Our first daughter used the pacifier at night until age 2, and currently our second girl still uses it at night and she is 2 now. We are working on getting rid of it and it is a slow process. Hope this helps!

  • I also have a 3 month old little girl. The pacifier thing was very new to me because my 1st never took one. I was really debating on not giving it to her but..... I did and its wonderful. There are alot of pros to the pacifier: baby wanting to nurse alot, comfort,helps with sucking reflexes, and reduces the risk of SIDS. I agree with MOMMYRN4. Talk to your pediatrician and they will help guide you on the best way to break them. At 3 months i wouldn't worry about it at all!