Breast Pumps

  • I will be breastfeeding in feb for the first time.  I have went to several stores to look at breastpumps and although Im not shocked at the assorted price points, I am unsure of which pump will work best.  Can anyone who has pumped and breastfed before please direct me in a good choice?


    Thank you

  • I just had my fourth child and got a new Medela Pump-in-Style Advanced and Love it. I had an older Medela that I used with my other three and loved that also.  Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover some of it, some insurance companies will.


  • Hi You can also ask your hospital or dr were can rent a pump or if your are on wic some programs will provide one for you. I rented one through the hospital I was at but my wic program also provided one if I needed it. Just ask it never hurts.

  • I agree that it would be worth checking with your insurance company to see if they will cover a breast pump.  Many insurance companies do, and as the last gal said state assistance programs will cover them.  You will need your doc to write a script for it for your insurance to cover it, so when you call the insurance to check ask them what needs to be on the referral/script.  It will save you time and energy in the long run to do your research now.

    Take care!


  • When breastfeeding my preemie I used the Ameda Elite breast pump. I absolutely loved it and was able to get more milk (in less time) from it than when I had previously used a Medela. The Medela pump, for me, was uncomfortable and I had a hard time adjusting the calibration knobs so that the pumping wouldn't hurt. The Ameda Elite pump is what I had used in the hospital and it was more expensive, but as others have said here, there are insurances that will cover the cost,  and WIC helps also. I've read in several articles that the Ameda Elite is also good for moms with multiples. Hope this helps!!  :)

  • Ask your hospital which they have that you will be using while there.  They supply you with bottles and what not.   I had picked up an advent ump and returned and got the pump in style by medela.  It was nice to come home and now how to use the machine as oppossed to having to figur it our on my own and find the right size shields and what not.  Good luck !

  • Medela Pump in Style alllllll the way!  My son is 9 mo and he's still drinking exclusively breast milk thanks to this awesome pump!  I returned to work full time after 3mo of being at home, breastfeeding him.  THis pump is quick (20min sessions to drain breasts) and completely reliable!  I would buy the warranty for the motor though...just so if anything does happen you can get it fixed for future use. I have nothing but wonderful accolades for this pump!! :)  And, congrats!!  It's a wild ride... :)

  • What you pay for is really what you get with pumps - the higher end and better performing pumps cost more but it's completely worth it. Breast milk is the best thing you can give your child - the Medela Pump n' Style is one that a lot of moms I see recommend. I used it as well with my child and it's a great pump. See if you can find any specials or sales on pumps! Good luck. :-)

  • I bought my pump in style from Burlington and was able to get it for $100 less than anywhere else.


  • I tried to breastfeed my daughter and she would have none of it for the first week and subsequent tries with no success. The first pump I bought was the Lansinoh Affinity Double Electric Pump, It worked great for the first 7 weeks but just stopped working one day. Thank Goodness I purchased the Evenflo Simply Go portable pump. That one is a champ, loud but works really well. Although it is a single pump only. The Lansinoh pump was under warranty and they overnighted me a new base and it was too late I had already went and purchased the Medela Double Pump in the tote bag. I use all 3 often, however I rely on the Medela at home and the Evenflo for when I am away from home. If you are only going to be pumping occasionally and don't want to spend the money for a Medela then I would suggest the Lansinoh. Let's hope your baby takes to the breast, if not your pump will be your best friend and don't feel bad, by giving your baby the breastmilk from a bottle is just as good as getting it from the breast and it gives dad a chance to bond by feeding the baby too.

    Hope my experience and advice helps..

  • Everyone agrees on the Medela In Style. It's expensive but so worth it. I pump every ounce that my son eats, and it is by far the quickest, and most reliable. I was to cheap to get it at first, but by the time I burned through 3 of the cheaper ones, I would have been way better off, just coming off the $ in the first place. For occasional use however, I used a Playtex double electric from Walmart. Super loud, and kinda slow, but a serious workhorse. Good Luck!


  • Jrkswifey-great advice and good job with all the pumping! It's a lot of time and energy spent doing that - you are a rock star! :-) NLM4094- same to you! Keep up the pumping and congrats to both of you on your sweet babies.

  • I had a baby 8/17/2011 and I breast fed or 1 month! I loved the meldela back pack pump! the hospital recommended it! loved it!

  • I nursed for the first week until engorgment got the best of me and baby... 6 weeks later I pump every ounce my son gets.  I have the Medela Pump in Style.  I got mine from BabiesRUs for about $240 after a sale and coupons.  Take a look at different sales.  A friend of mine gave me her Medela Swing single pump, i use that for car trips. 

    I would suggest getting one of those bustier for pumping, it helps a great deal with trying to turn the pump on, read or handle baby while pumping.  I got the Simple Wishes one... best thing ever!

  • I used the Medela pump in style with my first two kids and loved it.  I had my third in September and bought the medela freestyle which I love even more.  The portability is a dream and I pump in the car, while cooking, etc.  It costs more than all the other medela pumps, but is worth it in my opinion.  Burlington Coat Factory has the BEST prices on these pumps.  Plus, their is a 20% off coupon that you can get emailed to you for signing up for that saved me even more money.  The freestyle normally costs $380.  Burlington sells it for $300.  I used the 20% off coupon and got it for 240!  Best way to go in my opinion!