Breast Feeding or Formula??

  • In addition to what others have said, if you're considering breastfeeding at all I highly encourage you to research it, especially since you don't have any experienced family members to help!  My husband and I took a breastfeeding class at our hospital which was very helpful.  You can also try reading books and searching for YouTube tutorials -- videos of women breastfeeding, how to latch, etc. are so much more helpful than just reading about how to do it :)  And take advantage of any lactation consultants at your hospital or pediatrician's office -- nearly everyone needs a little help to help get started (and some of us need a lot of help!)

    And also remember that it doesn't have to be all or nothing -- you can also supplement if breastfeeding exclusively doesn't work out for whatever reason.  My son never learned to breastfeed effectively despite 8 weeks of trying and meeting with multiple lactation consultants, so I've had to pump since day 1.  (He was born without a sucking reflex, then learned to take the bottle before the breast.)  Around 6 weeks I started supplementing because it was too difficult for me to pump 100% of what he needed to eat.  But supplementing with formula has allowed me to continue to give him the health benefits of breastmilk too!

  • remylim replied on 02-22-2012 2:09 AM


    I discuss the benefit of breastfeeding but sometimes some babies are not comfortable with breast milk that why they should know first whats best for their babies.


     Remylin, I'm still not sure what's meant by a baby being "not comfortable" with breast milk.  Can you explain a bit more?