Work and BF

  • I need some advice, I just went back to work on the firt of Nov and my supply is getting lower and lower by the day it seems. I wanna know what i can do to increase it. I wanna be able to feed my son for 1 year but it has been so hard and I feel so horrible if I stop BF. I BF my daughter for 4 months and I wanna do longer this time. Any tips yall have would be great.

  • My wife used a breast pump which was successful, but very difficult to integrate during the work day depending on what line of work you are in. She felt guilty, but eventually had to give it up at about 5 months. The La Leche League is a great resource for any information that can facilitate nursing.

  • Irispetals-

    I mostly can echo what dad said in his reply.  It depends on your job.  Some women are able to take breaks during the day to pump.  This seems to make it possible for them.  It may mean a meeting with your manager to get it set into your daily schedule.  The other thing is, though (and I'm a BF supporter) if you can't BF, you can't do it.  Your baby has had a good intake of BF for the last few months, you have given him really good intake for the last few months.  I just don't want you to feel guilty if you don't continue to BF or guilty if you do-can't win. :(  But the thing is you can-as either way is a win.

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  • Irispetals - are you able to pump at work? Do you have a strong double electric pump? Bring a picture of your baby with you to work and make it a goal to pump about every 3 to 4 hours for 20 minutes. Look at the picture of your baby and it often allows you to produce more. The less you pump, the more your supply will drop. It's not easy going back to work but you can make it happen! I echo AnswerDad and would encourage you to call your local La Leche League chapter and get some advice over the phone. If you can see a lactation consultant at all about your milk supply, they can often help you get it back up! Nurse your baby as often as you can when home to help your supply as well. Good luck!!

  • You should seek support and information from a La Leche League group or from a lactation professional.  There are a number of things that you might be able to do to increase your milk supply.

    Also, you may find that there is no need to do so.  Some babies "reverse cycle" and make up all their nursing sessions when they are together with thier mom.

    Finally, you may want to talk to your human resources department about find a time and place to nurse.  You may find that your employer is covered by the federal law that supports the rights of nursing mothers.  My job, for instance, has a room in the nurse's office where there are two hospital grade pumps and a refrigerator.  They also give mothers a kit of pump parts.

  • Yea i pump at wrk and all. I was getting like 9oz at one time and storing for when I did return to wrk. But I stopped pumping so much cause I thought I had a enough stored away. I also thought I would pump a whole lot more than what I currently am. Now I pump at night to keep it up and trying so hard to keep this together but I just am so worried I wont be able to do this for much longer.