similac Advance Powder Sticks

  • i will be traveling to mexcio and was thinking of taking these with me... only problem is my son drinks 7 oz and each stick is a 4 o oz bottle... do i just use 2 and spill out what he doesnt drink?  anyone ever use these?


    also thought of buying a bunch of standard nipple rings and tons of 8ox bottles so i dont have to worry aboyt washing... please advise

  • When you make a bottle, just put in 8 oz water and 2 of the sticks. Just stop at 7 oz if that is all he needs. Are you talking about the pre-prepared formula for no washing? It might be easier to use pre-prepared so that you don't have to worry about using bottled water or tap water, etc. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some advice and experience! 

  • Yes I agree with PediNurseJulie1. When using powder formula (either in the cans or in the sticks), it is very important to follow the directions exactly. If one stick is for 4 oz, then just make a little more than your baby needs. You never know when he'll surprise you and drink all 8 oz!