• I have been noticing more and more the alarming sodium levels in many of the baby and toddler foods out there. What are some of the ingredients that you try to avoid giving your children?

  • I agree...that's why I tried to make as much of my baby's food as possible. It is amazingly easy and so much better in the long run.

  • We never fed our daughter commercial food made for babies or toddlers.  We used Gil Rapley's "Baby Led Weaning" and gave her finger foods shortly after she turned 6 months.  We let her self-feed regular foods that we prepared without salt or sugar.  We did not, however, scrim on other seasonings and herbs.

    For instance, she'd eat wedges of fruit cooked with cinnamon, nutmeg & a little butter.  Or we'd give her baked sweet potato fries cooked with cinnamon and olive oil.

    It was a fun process and it helped us trust her with her food as she got older.  We have spent very little time worrying about if she's eating enough.  She knows how much she needs to eat.  We just offer her healthy foods!