• hi, i'm a new mom to a baby boy, who is 7 weeks old now.  i was strictly breastfeeding, until last week.  i started to supplement 2 feedings with formula, since i will be returnig back to work soon and won't be able to pump as much.  my son is no schedule, he's very sporadic on his feedings, and lately has been using my nipple as a pacifier to fall asleep.  towards the evening he becomes very fussy and wants to be at the breast constantly.  i don't know what to do, any advice?

  • It's difficult when you are returning to work to make everything balance. Will you be home in the evenings? This is when babies are often a bit fussy for no real reason and like the comfort of breastfeeding. Maybe you can just keep up the evening feedings no matter what. When putting your son to sleep, feed him and make sure he is changed and warm. Swaddle him up in some blankets and try rocking him to sleep without him being on your breast. If he gets used to being put down when he is slightly awake but sleepy, he'll start to learn to fall asleep away from the breast. Just keep practicing with him. It'll happen. Babies just don't have a schedule at 7 weeks, which is hard to deal with, but it's just the reality. 

    One thing that helped me with my little boy is I used a little acronym to structure our day. EASY - Eat time...feed him, Awake with him, Sleep time...put him down to sleep, and You time...take some time for yourself! Pretty soon he will wake up again and it's Eat time, Awake time, Sleep time, and You time again. Hope this helps - hang in there!

  • How is your milk supply in the evening? Sometimes if your milk supply has decreased a bit, babies need to nurse longer and more frequently til it levels off again. He could be getting frustrated a bit if there is not as much there as he wanted. Hang in there though!

  • Thank you similac for the coupon its a big help.

  • Yes, Similac really helps moms especially those who are first time Moms.

  • mdantas_1101

    Just wanted to check in with you to see how breastfeeding was going? Is your son still fussy or are things settling down? Let us know how you are doing and share your successes with us!

  • He is still fussy some times but the pain is still there and its really very bad.I hope it reduces very soon.thanks for asking

  • umaborra-

    I'm sorry to hear that things are still rough.  It does take time to change routines.  I am also curious about the pain you mention in this post.  Can you tell me a bit more about that?  I'm hoping i can help if i know a bit more.


  • Hi, I had the pain in my right breast .15 to 20 min after nursing, it starts and lasts for about 2 hours.its like electric shock .it comes and goes away and for evry one, pain increases.

  • Sounds like you may have something going on. Have you talked to your physician? You could have mastitis beginning and from what I have heard it is rather painful. Make sure you have your breasts looked at ASAP.