• I am expecting my 3rd child in Feb and I never breastfed my first two. So although I am alittle self conscience  about doing it I am planning on breastfeeding.  I am not very busty and I think that is why Im feeling so hesitant about the whole thing.  Well I began pricing nursing bras and I am having a difficult time finding them in a size "A",,,, Has anyone else had the issue and if so where did you purchase from and how did you overcome being concerned about your cup size???

  • Well I bought it at JC penny"s clearance section and saved up to 75% (it could be very expensive if you buy the regular sale). You can choise two size up from your regular bra. And be sure buy couple of night-time bras too.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! It really doesn't matter what your cup size is for nursing a baby. Size makes no difference in terms of milk supply - the only difference is that you may nurse a few more times than someone with large breasts due to storage differences but at the end of the day, you make the same amount of milk as anybody else! Walmart had some cheap bras when I was looking for nursing bras. I also just used sports bras at night - easy to pull up and nurse with. You could ask stores to special order - just remember that people have seen it all and there are MANY MANY moms with A cup sizes who are nursing. It's not a big deal to the people in the stores or hospital - don't let it bother you!