First time mom and new to the board

  • Hi everyone, I'm Jane.  I'm a first time new mom and I'm new to this site.  We started using the Similac Complete Advantage, because my son, was in the NICU for 6 days and he was being fed it in the NICU.  There was some confusion between the NICU nurses and the lactation consultants as to which nipple could be used on my son (he was a big baby, 9 lb 9.8 oz at birth) because of his size.  The high flow  nipple caused my son to choke on the formula.  The lactation consultants finally convinced the NICU nurses to give me the "newborn" or the slow flow nipples.  My son doesn't choke on the formula as much with the slow flow nipples.

    I was hoping to be able to breastfeed my son, but lost out on 6 days of being able to start breastfeeding him right away since he was in the NICU.  He also was tongue-tied, which wasn't discovered until the last day of the NICU and I had his tongue clipped on the 7th day.  So, I'm now pumping and supplementing with the formula.  I am still hoping I can finally get him to the breast, but he's so used to having his food fast, that it may or may not happen.  I'm not producing enough milk right now to keep up with his demands, so I have to supplement with the formula.  As long as I can give him at least some milk, I'm OK with supplementing.  I hope I can get more milk production with the help from power pumping (for 5 minutes between regular pumping).  

    Thanks for having a group like this!  I hope I can get/give some advice to others.   

  • Those NICU stays are hard on breastfeeding moms! I commend you for all the hard work you are doing with pumping! Keep it up! You are right - if your baby is getting some breastmilk, it is absolutely fabulous for him. Have you ever used a tube and syringe or some type of supplementer that you can do at the breast? It may cut your feeding time down because he can get both your breastmilk and formula flow at the breast and skip the bottle all together. Call the lactation consultant at the hospital about it and maybe they can set you up with an appointment to figure it out! GOOD JOB and WAY TO GO with all your hard work. It's not easy but you are doing a fabulous job as a mommy. :-)

  • Hi!  Thanks for replying!  I have tried the tube and syringe.  In the hospital and in the lactation office he just sucked on the tube and not the breast.  I do have the tube and syringe for home so I can tape it to the breast.  I was told to try the special needs nipple from Medela first to wean him from the bottle down to what is like normal nipple flow.  I've tried it a few times, but he still likes his regular nipple.  I only have one of those, so it's hard to keep up with cleaning it after every feeding.  I have the shields to use as well, but he just doesn't like how slow the flow is.  He wants his food now, not wait for it.

    I'm getting used to doing the pumping and supplementing.  I like the idea of him being on the bottle so that when his dad comes home from deployment, he can help participate in feeding and bonding with his son.  I know some babies have a hard time switching to the bottle.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement!  I like this board!

  • Hi Jane-

    I just want to support Julie's reply, she is absolutely right in that any breast milk is helpful.  I think sometimes people get stuck into the all or nothing mentality, and I want to remind you that since your son is getting some breast milk he is getting the nutrients that are so helpful from that milk, and then he is getting the calories and the volume from the formula.  You are giving him exactly what he needs! I hope that you can continue to feel good about this as you are doing a terrific job.  I hope that you will continue to post as I'm sure you will relate to much of what our members are posting about.  It sounds as though you will be able to offer a lot of support, and I hope we can continue to provide support to you!


  • Thanks!  I appreciate the advice and the encouragement!  I hope I am able to do the same for the other moms!

  • Jane-

    I'm glad that our replies have been helpful.  It warms my heart to know that coming to the boards has made provided positive advice.  Please do continue to visit and post on the boards, I love updates on how our kiddos are doing!  Keep up the good work,