• Hi Everyone.  My beautiful little man Nicholas is 8 months old and has MCAD and I am just curious to see if there is anyone else on here who's child has this same condition.  We have been very fortunate to have not had any episodes other then the very first when we were still in the hospital after he was born where they have an amazing NICU and he was fine but I am looking to talk to people with older children with this same condition to see if you have any tricks to keep an older child eating like they should be. 

  • Eng330-

    Can you help me out, I'm not sure what MCAD refers to.



  • Hi,  Don't know if I can help however thought I'd leave a reply.   I have got MCAD and I'm 36, so have lived with the condition for a long time, however the condition went undiagnosed till I was 16. I have 2 children both of which are carriers of the illness. If there is anything you would like to ask just let me know. Would take a while to give you my whole story! So don't want to ramble on if it's of no use to you. By the way I live in the UK, I I only registered on here because I saw your post.

  • Cookie76--that's so great that you are here to help and connect with eng330. It makes me glad to know we have such a wonderful network of moms helping moms! Let me know if there is anything you both need!