• My four month old daughter is driving me and my husband nuts with her hands!  When I try to feed her, she wants to constantly pull at the bottle, shoves it away, grabs it back, etc. for the whole feeding time.  She also tries to suck on her thumbs while feeding.  It is like a constant battle with the hands.  I have tried different nipples and slow and fast flows.  She does not appear to be uncomfortable and I cannot imagine that she's teething yet?  Can I?  

    We have another DR appointment in a few weeks and I am going to bring it up then.  For now, has anyone else experienced this?  What did you do about it?  I assume its probably a phase that she'll grow out of, but its making feeding times very frustrating!

  • Little ones who have recently discovered their hands are busy that's for sure. If your baby isn't interested in eating or is more interested in playing with her hands, then try to take the bottle away for a while until she is really hungry. If she is still grabbing at the bottle, you could try to swaddle her a bit while you feed her and see if that helps. Good luck and let us know what works!


  • How frustrating for feeding times! I echo what MommyRN4 said - if your daughter is really not interested in feeding but playing with the bottle, just put the bottle down and try again when she seems ready to focus on eating. Swaddling is another great suggestion. She will grow out of this phase soon enough - hang in there!

  • I would like to ask if is it normal for the babies ages 5 months to try to suck their feet?

  • She sounds like one busy kiddo!  You might try giving her a rattle, blankie, or other toy that she can keep her hands busy with while she is eating.  

    Remylin-isn't it amazing that they can get their toes into their mouth?!  Yes, normal. 


  • Thanks for your suggestions, everyone.  She actually kind of grew out of it ... sort of.  Now, since we have started introducing cereal, carrots, sweet potatoes and other foods, she doesn't seem interested in the bottle anymore.  When I try to give her her normal 5 oz, which is not much, but all she'll take, she slaps it away with an oz or two left!  I am throwing away so much formula!  Is it normal for babies to slack off with their formula once they start eating "solids"?  

  • I think it's normal for anyone, any age to wax and wane with their nutrition.  Some days are better than others.  If your little one is filling up on table food than i can see that she is easily not hungry for her bottle.  Remember that the goal is a variety of foods throughout the day.  Keep us posted!


  • Yes, every time I put her in our bed she suck her  her toes.. I tried to give her some stuff but then after 5-10 minutes she goes back on sucking her toes.

  • This sounds exactly like my son who is four months! He was eating like a pig and then bam a couple days ago all he wanted to do was play. He would eat like 4-5 oz (he eats like 6-7 at least a feeding) and then be done. If I tried to give him more he would bawl! He shoves his fist in his mouth right after which is misleading because I think he is still hungry, but he wasnt.