baby only wants to eat few minutes every 1.5-3 hrs

  • im have troubles getting my 10 week old son to eat more at a time. he always falls asleep after about 15 min eating. i breastfeed and its difficult to go out when hes wanting to eat so often. i have tried tickling him and cold water. putting him down and changing his diaper too. he sometimes wakes up with those tricks but is back to sleep soon after he latches. is there anything i can do 

  • 10 weeks is still a little early for your baby to settle into a routine. The good news is that the time is quickly approaching when he will be a little more predictable and that should ease your problem. At this age, they still are mostly going to do what they want, when they want. Try not to get discouraged and be patient. Things will change for the better in the next couple of weeks.

  • Kirbychick89- I used to call that the "milk coma" that the littles ones would drift off into after they get a bit of good milk to drink.  Answerdad is correct in that this issue will get better with time.  However there are a few tricks you can try.  You have already tried quite a few things, but one thing to consider is how easy it is to fall asleep when you are all warm and wrapped up in bed with a full tummy.... right?  So you may need to unbundle that baby a bit so that he doesn't get quite so comfy.  Also consider stroking the soles of his feel when he is getting sleepy.  Babies generally wake right up when their feet are played with.  Keep us posted on how things are going,  Jess

  • First of all I applaud you for keeping up with the breast feeding it can be very frustrating at times. I am a new mom and tried the breast feeding but ended up having to supplement. My child is now 12 weeks and when I was breast feeding her she would eat for an hour and a half at a time. and then rest for 30 minutes and be hungry again. The pediatrician told us that anything past 15 minutes is for the baby not the nutrition because they typically get what they need within the first 15 minutes of breast feeding. Your child is making good habits. Just hard when you want to go out and do things! Breast fed babys tend to always eat more often than bottle fed. While I was very discouraged when we switched to the bottle supplements i found it to be a little more relaxing for me. I could allow someone else to feed her  while I was able to do my hair or laundry or dishes, etc. Good Luck and kudos for a job well done thus far.

  • If your baby is having a good number of wet and poop diapers daily and gaining weight appropriately, it may be that your baby is simply becoming more efficient at breastfeeding and is done after 15 minutes. A lot of babies get quicker and faster at transferring full feedings, so it seems like they are feeding less but are simply eating more quickly. How often does your baby eat? Many breastfed babies will eat anywhere from 8 to 14 times a day. It's pretty normal to eat often - hang in there! You are really helping your baby get off to a healthy start in life! Congrats on your little one. :-)

  • My baby was the same way, and STILL is at 8 months.

    The over-all alertness during booby time has greatly improved, ("Hey, mama, I'm hungry. Give me a snack. *suck suck suck* K Thx bye.") but she still only feeds for about 15 to 20 minutes.

    It used to bother me since all the nurses in the hospital were all "make sure she feeds for 20 min on each breast!" but she never did. And she's fat and happy, so I don't think it's a big deal how long they eat as long as they're eating enough.


    Interesting fact: my baby will take longer to eat on the right breast than left.

  • SageMamma -

    I agree - it's misleading when you are given a time amount for feeding. Babies eat at different paces and different levels of efficiency. The best advice to give a new mom is to feed according to your baby's cues and teach them to look for signs of fullness and good milk intake. Your fact about your right versus left feeding time is interesting! Statistics show that many mother's make more milk in their right breast than their left. Perhaps your daughter takes longer to empty your right one! Congrats on a healthy and happy little girl. :-)

  • Me too my baby will take longer time to eat on the right breast rather than left. Is it normal, or I need to do something to balance the feeding on the left and right breast.

  • kirbychick89 -

    Its been awhile since you posted so I wanted to check in and see how you and baby are doing.  I so agree with the others that so long as baby is gaining weight and developing normally it's not so important to watch for perfect timing.

    How is baby?


  • Remylim - 

    Statistically speaking, mother's most often make more milk in the right breast than the left. I learned this at a breastfeeding conference I attended. Go figure, huh?? Your baby probably is getting more out of your right than your left. Just remember to start the baby on the left frequently so that it gets stimulation but it's normal for one to produce more than the other. It all balances out! :-) 

  • How is your baby eating now? Is everything better?