Breast feeding to formula and guilt!

  • My son is 7 weeks old and I really wanted to breastfeed him since my milk actually came in because it didnt come in with my first son. At the hospital he was latching good, but it took me a couple days to produce the milk he needed so I started pumping and decided to put what I pumped in a bottle. I wanted him to get used to a bottle because I knew I would have to go back to work eventually. At first I was producing enough milk for him, but now I am not and I have to supplement with formula. I am back to work now and have to use my lunch breaks to pump because I don't get to otherwise. I really wanted him to have all breast milk for at least 6 months or longer, but I know I have to supplement so he gets fed well and grows. I am going to pump as long as I can.

  • First of all, KUDOS to you for continuing to pump and offer your breastmilk. It is very hard when you go back to work to really keep production up. The benefits of breastmilk are still being given to your son when you provide your immunity and nutrients with some of the breastmilk you give him! Keep nursing him as often as you can at home to help ramp up supply and continue the pumping at work. All the guilt you are feeling is so sad to me - you are obviously a very dedicated and loving mother. Your kids could not ask for anything more! Don't beat yourself up over something that is beyond your control and just take pride in offering him what breastmilk you can. Hugs to you! 

  • I struggled with breastfeeding my first child and gave up after a month. My daughter was born in August and I was determined to try again. She is now 8 weeks and I'm still struggling. I feel like she is making a good latch, but it's still very painful every time she nurses. From the beginning I've had to supplement with formula, especially at night because she is so hungry and wants to eat every 45 min!! During the day she seems to get enough and is nursing about every 3 hours. I have tried pumping but with little luck, usually I get less than 2 oz total. I have tried taking Fenugreek, eating lots of oatmeal and grains and drinking lots of water. Maybe it's just not meant for me? I've become so stressed about it that I don't look forward to feedings at all :(  I know that there is nothing wrong with feeding formula only, but I guess it's maybe maternal instinct that makes me want to keep up with the BF

  • It is hard to stop breastfeeding, but sometimes things don't always go the way we planned! Luckily, we do have the option to offer our babies another alternative. Don't stress out and try to take the pressure off of yourself. Your baby is getting all the nutrition she needs. Good luck and know that you are not alone!

  • Congratulations mommy! You should not feel guilty! Your intentions were good! Some mothers are not even concerned with breastfeeding their baby at all, you did it, and you wanted to give that experience and nutrition to your baby. Way to go! It is wonderful that you were able to do it for the time that you did. I am sure that gave your baby just what she needed. I am sure that your baby will always have the best because you are a concerned mother. Never feel guilty when you have to make changes and choices so that your child will receive what he/she needs. 

  • I know there's already been a lot of comments on this post but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone Smile.  i'm in the same boat and feel guilty too. But after several weeks of wrestling with the guilt ..all I can say is that your baby is healthy and growing is most important. My baby didn't have a weight gain issue but I just a supply issue from day 1 and I just couldn't provide for him no matter what "tricks of the trade" I tried. I'd get about an ounce to ounce and half total from both breasts after each pump session. He's pretty much been on formula since birth and he is healthy and growing like a weed. He's 7 weeks and grown out of half of his 0-3 mos clothing. Breast is best...but formula is not bad either.

  • I too had the same problem but still am. Baby is 4 weeks old now. Pedi told me to stop nursing for fear of baby having gerd and not gaining weight. I am still hopeful to be able to nurse but doing what the dr said to do. I have no support from my hubby or inlaws, they just want me to nurse and not go by the drs orders, I fear something bad will happen to my emotions if I dont get the support i need.


    Are you having a better adjustment now from nursing to formula?

  • before I give a detailed answer and maybe look silly Stick out tongue..was the question meant for me?

  • HI  I'm a first time mom. I also had a c-section with my daughter Sarah and I tried to Breastfeed and nurses were strongly against formula.  My daughter and I were getting frustated with the Lactation nurse so we decided to give her formula... The pediatrician was okay with my decision...