Breastfeeding question

  • First off hi, I am 26 weeks pregnant, having a baby girl, and plan on breastfeeding. I also have a son that will be 15 months when she is born. So for some reason I keep thinking of this and thinking this is going to happen. As I am breastfeeding my daughter my son comes up and wants to breastfeed too. Is it weird that I keep thinking this, should I let him, and is it weird if I do let him breastfeed too? When my son was a couple of weeks old I got mastitis and ended up in the hospital with a temp. of 104, so once I got out of the hospital I stopped breastfeeding him because I didn't want that to happen again and be worse then before. Yes I feel guilty for doing it that way and I think that is why I keep thinking of this. What should I do?

  • First off do not feel guilty for the choices that you make for your family.  I nursed one of mine for 8 months and with my last one I got sick and was only able to do it for 2 months.  I figure as long as you try.  For some it just does not work out.  As far as your son goes I would just tell him has best as he can understand what it is you are doing and that this is how his baby sister gets milk.  You drink from a sippy cup like a big boy.  My daughter thought that I could produce anything I wanted.  Orange juice, tea or soda.  Whatever the baby wanted at the time.  :)  (He might not even care).  I would maybe get him a bottle and a baby doll and show him how boys feed babies.  You could show him the difference in being a mommy and a daddy.  Just make it fun and light hearted and he should not care.

  • shorty4ever-

    I think that Lovefamily6 gave you some wonderful advice!  Stay positive and keep us posted on how things go!


  • Congrats on your little girl. :-) First off, it's pretty rare that a toddler who has not nurses in a long time is even able to breastfeed. It's a skill they forget pretty quickly. Some women do nurse a toddler and baby at the same time, but that if they have been nursing all along. I'd encourage you to allow him to be curious about it but point him towards his big boy cups, etc. as Lovefamily6 mentioned. I think he'll probably move on pretty quickly, if he does show interest. It's not weird that you are wondering about this - it's a legitimate question! :-)

  • There's nothing "weird" about tandem nursing.  Plenty of women nurse two children at once.  It's an individual choice about whether you want to do so.

    Also, there's nothing "weird" about nursing an older child.  While not common in modern American society, during other times AND currently in other cultures people nurse older children.  One anthropologist did a study on this and determined that the normal biological age for weaning of a human child is anywhere between 4 years old and 7 years old.  it's your choice about whether you want to welcome your older child back to nursing.

  • You can feed both of them, lots of moms do, but the breastmilk for the girl will contain stuff that she needs, all of your breastmilk will be tailored to the newborn, so I suggest you pump a lot now and freeze it for him. But it won't harm him, feed him the new milk, if anything, it will be beneficial.