She just won't burp

  • My baby girl is a hrad burper too. I've found that sitting the baby on your knee and patting the back from bottom to top will move the burps up. Also, try laying her belly on your belly and burping the heat from your belly to hers looses up the air and it comes right out.


    Good Luck!

  • My Daughter is almost 3 weeks old now and i place her on my knee a support her head under her chin with my hand and lean her forward a little bit. I get some big burps out of her that way. My Fiance does it on her shoulder and rubs her back. But sometime she won't burp and gets fussy. Just nice firm patting on the back works best. Im still trying to find the best part of the back to pat, either lower or upper?.

  • just a couple thoughts for you dont burp every 2-4 ounces like they say let baby eat as much as they want when they mve or push away its time to burp . set baby on your knee rub her back but start at bottom first then gently rub upwards and remove hand then do again rub from bottom to top rmve hand and repeat also u could try and set her on ur knee place pal of ur hand right above the tummy let her body weight rest against ur palm and pat her back she may lean a little forward thats ok.

  • This is exactly what I do with my 4 month old!! He'll fall asleep before he burps!

  • There is no psysiological need to burp infants. Many, many years ago, mothers did not burp their children. It's better to burp the baby to help expel any gases, but if your baby will not burp, don't worry!

  • i have three kids and i can realate. i found putting them on my knee sitting up lean forward with you hand on their cheast and pat their back up then stop go back to the bottom and pat back up but dont pat down wards. a nurse at the hospital taught me that my daughter had colic from day one and that nurses advice worked wonders.

  • lay her across your thighs (head on one side feet on the other) so her tummy has pressure from your thighs. It helps having pressure on the tummy to get the gas out.

  • Big SmileI have a 7 week old baby girl, who does exactly the same. At first I was getting very frustrated because am a first time mom and I was Over told at the hospital that every feeding there had to be a burping session. I will try to burp he rby padding her down on her back and no sucess only little burps at times will come out. At the end I will Always give up because after an hour and nothing I will just lay her down to sleep. Thank God she never had colic due to not burping she seems very comfortable so now am not very concern aboutit. I still try to help her burp but not as long as before.

  • i just lay my grandson on his tummy and it happens by its self he hates to be patted

  • We have the same problem!  I agree with the earlier poster to rub the back.  However, rubbing it in a downward motion seems counter-intuitive...I just rub his back up a few times then pat a few times and that seems to work most of the time.  He used to hate it when i rubbed it when he was first born I guess because it tickled, but he got used to it. 

  • My little girl is 7 months and she used to take almost an hour to burp sometimes.  I would try several positions.  Someone taught me something that worked great!  It sounds wierd but it really worked.  Hold her against your chest (so her chest is touching you) with one hand on her upper back or the back or her neck or something, and put your other hand under her butt so she's sitting on it.  Slowly move her butt in small circles.  It looks rediculous but it gets things moving in there.