formula and feeding?

  • I am using advanced powder and mix up some bottles for my daughter.   Now, she is 8 months now and used to up to last week drink 4 8oz bottles daily with some rice cereal and jarred food on the side.  Now, she seems to demand more food and less formula.  She is drinking from 6 to 5 oz a feed 3 times then before bed will drink about a full 7 oz.  is this normal??!!!  She is still refusing to drink from a cup and dosent seem to like fruit juice in her cup when I try.  Am I doing this right? 

  • My baby is still young so i'm going through similar issues. This site has a chart that tells about how much formula your baby should be eating and how many bottles at each stage. there is also another chart that tells at which stage to introduce different foods and how much you should be giving your baby on a daily basis. Both of these charts have helped me tremendously. My daughter is 6 months old now and on a daily basis she drinks between 28 and 30 oz of formula a day (including what i put in her cereal)  Her schedule looks like this

    7am: 6oz bottle

    11am: 5tbs banana oatmeal cereal with 2 oz of formula mixed with pureed blueberries and about                   1/8 cup of pureed fruit

    2pm: 7oz bottle

    5:30pm: 6oz bottle with 1/8 cup of pureed veggies

    9pm: 7oz bottle before bed

    I always offer a 7oz bottle, but she won't always eat all of it... so the amounts she actually takes in is an average. She also gets puffs at least once a day so that she can work on her coordination with bringing small food to her mouth. As soon as i find where the charts are i'll post where to find them.



  • ok here are the links. I could tell you where to find it, but it's much easier to just give you the links so here they are

    This one is for the average on how much formula the baby should be eating on a daily basis by age:


    this one is what ages different things should be introduced to your baby and how much:

    I hope these help

  • Glad Brinny found the links for you on this site regarding average amounts of intake. Check out the tabs up at the top of the page to take advantage of other good information and advice. Let us know if your questions were answered.