• My baby was born on my 37 weeks and he weight 4lbs4oz, It's been a week and my baby is still in the nicu (hospital i.c.u.). He's been making noise since 3 days ago when is bottle feed. The noise scares me because it gets loud. When i feed him the bottle he does good for a minute and then he starts to weeze. I hear the noise coming under his throat. The doctor will be seeing him soon .His oxygen is good. Has anyone had this problem with their little one?? Some people tell it"s the tube feeding and others say its the nipple of the bottle and recommended the Nuk nipple. Please help!!!

  • Hi-

    I'm glad to hear that your baby is in the safe environment of the NICU.  Many babies making squeaking sounds when they are little and it can be a variety of problems, many of them resolve on their own.  I'm really glad that she will be seeing the doctor soon.  Often it's helpful to make a list of things that you want to talk to the doctor about before he/she comes by as then you make sure to get all your questions addressed.  Keep us posted!


  • I've worked in the NICU for a number of years and can tell you that babies make all kinds of noises that are pretty unnerving! I'm glad the doctor will be checking him out - he/she will be able to tell you more about what is causing his wheezing and if you should be concerned or not. It's encouraging that his oxygen saturation is good, like you said, and I hope everything else checks out just fine. I wish I could help more than this but it's pretty hard to recommend anything specific because every baby is just a little bit different and needs different things to assist them with eating when they are born a bit early. Hang in there - I know that having your baby in the NICU is NOT easy and brings a lot of anxiety. Keep us up to speed so we can support you!