How do you get your baby to eat vegetables!

  • My sister is having the worst time getting her baby to eat vegetables. He won’t eat anything green and even carrots and sweet potatoes aren’t appealing to him. She is struggling to get him to eat anything more than rice cereal and fruit. How did you get your baby to like vegetables? Any fun tricks? -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • Well, other than just continuing to put it in front of the baby, I like to hide vegetables in things. You can puree carrots and put it in mac and cheese. You can puree cauliflower and mix it into scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes. Pureed squash and carrot goes well into spaghetti sauce. I also don't hesitate to season my son's vegetables. A little butter and brown sugar on his squash or good seasoning on his veggies goes a long way. Just keep putting those veggies in front of him/'ll happen!

  • I haven't reached the solid food stage yet but in an online mommy group I'm in it was said by another mom with an older baby was told by her Ped Dr. to introduce vegetable first before fruits or babies tend to get hooked on all the sweet stuff and lots of times won't want anything else. Makes sense I thought..I'll be taking this advice when it comes time for us. However, if the baby is already eating fruit it may be too late for this advice :(.

  • I don't think it's to late at all!  I tend to see that some kiddos do tend to like sweets and some like salts better than others-but isn't that how we all are as teens and adults as well?!  I love Julie's advice below about add a bit of flavor to foods to make veggies a bit more appealing to those kids that have a sweet tooth.  I do see some kids though that LOVE peas or LOVE squash, and some that don't.  I really do not think that introducing one over the other first makes a difference.  


  • I just read a great article that suggests starting out with the vegetable and encouraging at least a bite of it before any other part of the meal. Leave the other foods in the kitchen and only bring the vegetable to the table and focus on the family eating the vegetable first. After that has happened, then bring out the rest of the meal. It takes the child's focus off the "yummy" parts of the meal they'd rather have and eat the vegetable part while they are most hungry. I'm going to try it! 

  • Those are some great ideas! Thanks everyone! I am going to tell her to try some of these ideas.

  • My daughter would eat vegetables either. Then I started blending them all up together. So it was a mixed vegetable puree. She will only eat them when blended together because she doesn't like the individual taste of each vegetable. Might be worth a try.

  • My babies all ate their veggies, but when they became toddlers, things changed. Now my 5 year old turns her nose up at almost everything and it is a daily struggle to get her to eat. As kids, we would mash up their veggies and include them with their starch. This usually worked, but then changed again when they became toddlers.