Organic Milk

  • More and more, I read horror stories about food additives that can especially affect babies. I was wondering whether most parents use regular or organic milk? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I have been more and more leaning towards moving to organic milk. The cost is what stops a lot of people, I think, but I feel like if I prioritize my money and make sure that I have some set aside for a few more expensive organic things, I'll spend less on health care in the long run. I happen to love the taste of organic. Not sure what it is but it tastes so much creamier - even the low fat ones taste creamier than the low fat regular milks. It's delicious! 

  • My whole family drinks organic milk (me and my husband, my mom, brother and sister and her family). Not only because we want to avoid hormones issues and pesticides, but also because it tastes better to us. Its worth the price to me. Our baby drinks Similac Organic as well :)

  • Many of the regular milks in our store now have signs that say no hormones. This makes me feel better but sometimes I do spring for the good stuff!