Breast Milk Stop Producing

  • I had a preemie baby. I was pumping and breast feeding for about two months. I went into the ER for lower back pain and severe pain while urinating and it ended up being a kidney infection and Cystitis caused by the cath they gave me when i was in the hospital before i have birth. Now because of the antibiotics they gave me and the other medication, my breasts have stopped producing milk. What should i do to bring it back? Thank you for all your feed back!

  • Hi, I don't know how long you have stopped pumping but if you pump and there's still a bit of milk coming out, try to pump every 2 hours for 10min max using double breast pump even if you can't feed the milk to your baby coz of the drugs. Keep yourself hydrated as well. the pumping will still stimulate your body and brain though it's going to be a slow process. Hope you have the patience to do so and don't get discouraged just yet.

  • Oh, so sorry! What a stressful situation! When trying to bring your milk back, pump as often as your baby eats (usually at least 8 times a day) for about 10-15 min. You can go to the hospital where you delivered and ask about renting a hospital grade pump. Those are strong and powerful and often bring milk back in better than regular personal pump. Continue to put your baby to the breast and let him/her breastfeed. The stimulation of your baby at the breast will often help to bring milk back in. In addition, you can call your OB-GYN about any medications they can prescribe to increase your milk supply in addition to pumping. Hope this helps!

  • PediNurse Julie is right on! Keep pumping, feeding your baby, and talk to your doctor about medications. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!

  • PediNurseJulie1, is exactly right. Just keep on pumping and drink a lot of fluids or eat a lot of healthy foods.

  • Jesuslovesthelittlechildren-

    I just wanted to check in as you posted this a few months ago-how are things going?  How is your baby doing?  We would love an update when you have time,

    -Jess :)