Similac Refills

  • I wish Similac offered refills, which was formula in paper bags rather that in a new tub, just formula to add to old tub, no need to waste a whole new plastic tub - that would first of all environment friendlier and second I am sure it could save moms lots of money as it should, in theory, be cheaper than buying a new tub and scoop etc.

    Why Similac hasn't offered this yet? 


  • Not a bad thought, although my bet is that when you transfer the formula from bag to container, you have no idea of the expiration date which could lead to possibly giving babies expired formula.

  • They could add a sticker to put on the plastic tub with the new expiration date ... if they only wanted, there are way to work it out .... and offer their formula for a little better price.

  • That's a great idea....AND I wish they offered more coupons!

  • I agree that refills would be nice, however it would have to be done in a fashion that would keep bacteria that may have accumulated in the old container from getting into the mix with the new powder. A nice solution for that could be a housing container that doesn't get thrown away and a pouch (for lack of a better term) of formula that can fit into that container (same principle as the playtex drop in liners. That way you can safely get cost effectiveness of formula refill packs and promote being green by not throwing tons of plastic containers into landfills. Another idea would be to make the formula containers bio degradable or the refill pouches biodegradable. As far as expiration is concerned one would be required on the refill pouch that is sold so maybe they could come up with a way to make an expiration sticker that can transfer from the pouch to the permanent container. Although if you think about it having an expiration on the refill should be plenty enough since the packaging says to use within a month of opening... and i'm sure that there aren't many babies that will take a month to use a full pack. Anyway this is how I see it being able to work."

  • thats a great idea though my little girl takes 3-4 days approx and she is through a pound of formula. granted she is 8 mos old. all i do since she goes through it so bad is put her wic purchased ones in her pound tubs and if the tub gets completely empty i take it to the sink and wash it throughly with soap and water then let it dry. its quick easy and works out great for me. shes been eating and growing like a weed since birth i had to start her on baby food and cereal at 2 mos because she was going through so much formula and now thats the only way i can get her to eat her non textured baby food LOL.

  • Enfamil does offer refills in paper bags - just remove the old bag from the tub and change it for the new one ... all done, so easy and ... so much cheaper and more environmental friendly.


  • hmm i havnt seen them though i hope to get her back to similac soon she did better i feel on it. that plus if i ever do find them i dont know if i could get them due to wic LOL.