• Hi everyone,

    I had my first daughter in may 2012 in Australia. Finally we are back in the states and my daughter can enjoy all the similac products with ease. When she was born in Australia, i took similac with us from South Korea. We were residing there then and had to go to my mothers side which was all the way in Sydney to give birth.

    I never realised how picky babys are and when i tried switching from simlac to an Australian brand my baby threw up heaps. In Australia similac doeant exist so we had it mailed to us throughout our whole stay in Australia.

    The postage ending up the same price as the formula. Hhehehe...

    So i would like to give a reminder to all international travellers..

    Make sure you have similac with you throughout your entire trip.If it is a long trip make sure that country has the same formula. It is crucial to find out prior to yoru departure..


    ^^Valeria-Alison's Mom

  • WOW! So glad you are back in the States and thanks for the great travel tips! I know lots of us may not realize the differences in products when you travel! 

  • Valeria-

    Welome home!  So glad you shared this, esp. with all who will be traveling for the holidays.  Glad your baby is doing well now,


  • ^^Nice to know the information helped^^

  • Thank you..

    since we've been back i now have Alison on the liquid similac...it seems like shes plumping up..i geuss its a good sign..^^

  • Valeria - Welcome! Glad to hear you are doing well with your little girl! Thanks for sharing your story. It's a great reminder to make sure everything is in place before you travel! :-) 

  • It is always a good sign when your little one is gaining weight! I just love a baby with "fat rolls" they are so kissable!