How to feed by spoon

  • My son is 17 weeks and I am trying to introduce oatmeal cereal to him but he does not want to eat from spoon. Any advice?

  • It takes a while for them to figure it out and get the hang of it. With my daughter i would rub some of the oatmeal on her lips and she would open her mouth. Eventually she figured out that the spoon and bowl meant food and would get excited to see it. just give it time and don't give up and he'll eventually catch on.

  • Hi Roadse-

    I am one of the nurse moderators for strongmoms and I wanted to share with you some great resources on nutrition for babies, and the process of starting solids.  The resource is a great webboard run by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is called Healthy Children.  I did a search for you and found the following links that might help with your question and with the process of providing the best nutrition for your son.  Please continue to post and if you don't find what you are looking for let us know and we will see what we can do!  Keep the questions coming! :)  -Jess

    Main site: (there is a search box in the upper right corner)

    Search for "starting solid foods":

    Ages and stages for feeding:

    How much and how often should baby be eating:

  • Aw, this sounds familiar to me.  It took my daughter, now 6 months old, just a few tries to take the spoon in her mouth and not push the food out with her tongue, which is normal.  I was just very quick with putting the spoon in and taking it out in an upward motion so it would quickly be left in her mouth. As soon as they get the hang of it, they'll open their mouth in anticipation and it's much easier. Just keep trying in the beginning.  When she wasn't taking the cereal too well, I would just try again tomorrow or the next day.  It doesn't take long for them to catch on!

  • He might not be ready for food quite yet and breast milk or formula is still all he needs at this point. Most doctors recommend starting solid foods sometime between 4 and 6 months. If he isn't ready to eat with a spoon, give him a few more weeks and then try it again. Read Jess_BabyRN's post above--she has some great advice!


  • Thanks Jess_BabyRN, this is a big help. I will take time to read the website you posted.