• My baby is now 2 months old and he still has so much gas throughout the day. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by his gas, but boy is it stinky! I breastfeed him so I thought maybe it was something I was eating that was contributing to his increased gas. What do you think? How can I help him to stop being so gassy? – Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I would pay attention to what you are eating and see if there is any connection.  I find that when mom's go out to dinner and have thai or spicy food, come back to the hospital and pump-then that 3am bottle leaves baby fussy!  I found that most mom's could make a correlation between certain foods and baby's gas-vegetables, spices, get the picture.  I also would say though that if it's not bothering baby or you the variety of food is a good thing!

    What have other parents experienced?


  • I couldn't tell ya.. My daughter screamed the entire time i breastfed. I changed what i was eating several times and to no avail the screaming would resume. she was not gassy though... I wound up having to switch to similac advance and saw immediate improvement. 


  • Speaking from experience, some babies have a bit of an issue with dairy. It's the most common allergy that babies have and sometimes cutting back your dairy consumption can help with a baby's sensitivity. On the other hand, you said your little one doesn't seem too bothered by his gas, so perhaps it's not something that you necessarily need to go crazy over changing your life style for. Hope he gets over this phase soon! :-p