• My baby has hiccups ALL the time....every time he eats he gets the hiccups....sometimes to the point it makes him spit up...I burp him frequently, and most times he does burp, but frequently he seems hard to burp. Any ideas???? Oh, he is 2 weeks old.

  • from all the research i have done i have learned that there are many things that can cause hiccups. these are the most common things that i have found can cause them, but doesn't always. eating too much, going from hot to cold or cold to hot too quickly, and a growing diaphram (usually right before a growth spurt in my daughters case). When my daughter was really little she would have them more often and for longer periods of time. I started to notice that if i had changed how much formula i gave her she would hiccup and spit up the excess until she adjusted. other times i would notice that she would have them for a week strait then all of the sudden she wouldn't fit into her clothing any more. Hiccups aren't usually something to be too worried about, but if you feel that it is excessive you could always give a call to the doctor and have it checked.

  • Unless he is overly bothered by them, I wouldn't worry or let them bother you. They tend to bother the parents more than the babies!

  • It seems that some babies just get the hiccups more than others.  Did your baby get the hiccups in utero as well?  I find that many mom's share that their currently hiccupy baby was a hiccupy baby from day one of gestation! :)  

    That being said I think Brinny has some good advice so far as getting the doc to take a peak at baby and making sure that everything is healthy.

    While you are waiting to get in with the doctor try smaller more frequent meals.  Burp often.  Help baby pace feedings by making sure that he doesn't take more than 4-5 gulps between breaths.  I would also do some investigation and think about if there is anything that makes it better or worse.

    Let us know how things are going!


  • Did your little one have the hiccups when he was in your tummy? Mine did and they felt so odd! Even now he has hiccups often but there really isn't any reason to be concerned. MommyRN4 is right - it's more frustrating for parents than the babies! :-) 

  • My daughter still has this and she will be 2 months tomorrow. I used to worry about it but now i just give her a little water after a feeding or I will keep her rested on my shoulder and rub her back until they go away.

  • PLD1119-

    So glad to hear that things are going well for you and baby.  I love it when a back rub helps! :)  Keep up the good work!


  • When my baby is still 1-5 months she experience hiccups most of the time, I simply do the same thing I rub her back and let her drink water after that the hiccups gone.

  • Sometimes also letting the baby cry for a while would help her to stop hiccups and rub her back.