2nd time round?

  • Is breastfeeding easier the 2nd time around? Want to breastfeed but very nervous about it. Can anyone help???

  • Breastfeeding is difficult the first month--no matter what pregnancy you are in...however, it does get easier with each baby because you get better at it. You are more comfortable breastfeeding your second and know what to expect. That being said...you are also only as good as the baby is! Meaning that if your baby has struggles to breastfeed...then you will too. Some babies are naturally great breastfeeders and this makes it very easy to breastfeed. If you want to breastfeed...be sure to surround yourself with other moms who can help you through the hard break-in period..and have a number of a lactation nurse nearby! Good luck!

  • I think that if you have experience with breastfeeding then it should be easier, or atleast you will know more about what to expect.  I think that one of the key things is that if you are having any trouble at all or have questions get those staff nurses to help and ask to see a lactation nurse.  Those nurses are just magical when it comes to helping with breastfeeding and can help with tips and tactics!  While you are waiting the best thing is to try relax.  It isn't going to help you to worry, and you will have lots of help once baby is born...just make sure to ask if you need it!


  • I think that breastfeeding the 2nd time around is much easier than the 1st time because you already know how to adjust yourself on the food you need to eat. 

  • I find that many mothers tell me they were a bundle of nerves with their first, worried about everything, and highly stressed. That can make breast feeding difficult for anyone! They tend to find that their second is a bit easier because they are able to take things in stride and be patient, having some good perspective under their belts with their first. Most mothers have a somewhat increased milk supply with their second, which can make feeding easier for people. Give it a try! :-)