Breast Help!

  • I have been breastfeeding my son since day 1 (9/30/2012) and my breast have developed some pain and irritation recently. My doctor says there is nothing to worry about as long as my baby is still feeding but i'm not sure about that. Any suggestions or opinions on what could be going on? I plan on sticking out this breastfeeding thing for at least another 6 months.

  • Well what kind of pain is it? Engorgement? because if that is the case you could try to pump a little in between feedings or before and after feedings to help relieve that pressure. Or is it more of topical pain, like sore/raw nipples, or breast tenderness? Not sure what you could do about tenderness, but you could try a lanolin cream for sore nipples.

  • Brinny is one smart gal and asked the questions that came to my mind, and has great advice!  Tell us more about what is going on and maybe we can help a bit more.


  • My first thoughts after you have been breastfeeding for several months are:
    1. nipple tenderness or a cracked nipple which lanolin applied liberally after every breastfeeding should fix

    2. Clogged milk duct - make sure baby is draining all of your milk and massage breasts to release clogged milk from hard ducts. If you notice any burning or pain or redness you could have mastitis which is an inflammation of the milk duct and requires antibiotics.  

  • I think babyzilla7321, that's normal in breastfeeding although others didn't experience that but there are others also who experience that just like me before.


  • Babyzilla - have your breasts continued to bother you or are they okay? Hope all is well!