Boil water for formula in nonstick pot?

  • Hi everyone,

    We're feeding our little newborn with nursettes at the moment but we're looking to move to powder in the not too distant future.  I know I need to boil the water but I wondered if anyone knew of any research done comparing the use of nonstick pots to those without the coating?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Ryan's Dad

  • I don't boil my water but I do use bottled water for our babies. We have a bottle warmer that works well and try to give the baby a bottle as close to room temp as possible.

  • That's a nice idea also AnswerDad03..

  • ryansDad13-I'm not aware of any research about nonstick pots/regular pans. Might be an interesting thing to study! Like AnswerDad said, you can use distilled water in big jugs that is fairly cheap if you want to skip the whole boiling process. Good luck! 

  • Hello, 

    I havent heard anything about nonstick pots. But if you feel uncomfortable, try a stainless steel pot instead.