Starting Solids

  • What order have you seasoned mommies fed the baby food in?


  • Not a mommy, but we started w rice cereals, then went to veggies first, then fruit and meats... not sure it matters what you have first, fruit or veggie...

  • We did: rice cereal, then other baby cereals, then orange/yellow veges and fruits (but not citrus), then other fruits/veges, then meats. 

  • i have a 6 month old son and we also did rice cereal, then other cereals, orange and yellow veggies then green veggies, then fruits..we didnt get to the other mixed fruits or meat seems that alot of pediatricians like to follow this guideline..

  • We do rice, then the other cereals one every few days, then fruits and veggies. It really isn't a big deal what order those come in as long as each has several days alone before moving to the next. This helps detect food allergies.

  • Great point by BabyNurse3... isolating foods served to your baby for the first time is crucial in accurately determining food allergies.

  • To be honest I only used Baby rice with my first child and now being on my forth I have gone straight to Fruit and Veggies with the other two and will do the some with my latest when she is due for weaning. I only used two main Veggies Sweet Potato and Squash to start with and also just Apple sauce and Bananas and than on a weekly basis after a few weeks started introducing other Friuts and Veggies and then meats. I don't know if it truly makes any difference , but my first is my most fussiest eater and the other will eat most things.