Learning to take a bottle

  • I breastfeed my baby, but there are times when I want to go out and let the babysitter feed him a bottle. Unfortunately, he doesn't like to take bottles. How do I get him used to the bottle, so I can leave him without worrying? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Oh i'm not sure... When i was breastfeeding my daughter i purposely pumped enough for at least one bottle feeding per day from the time we brought her home until i stopped breastfeeding. I wanted her dad to be able to bond with her as well, and he really loved feeding her, and i didn't want to run into this particular issue. The only thing i can think of is maybe you should start doing the same so that he will get used to the bottle. He's a July baby right? so that puts him around 8 months or so... maybe get a soft tip sippy cup and try giving his milk in that. maybe the nipple difference will throw him off and help him.

  • My suggestion is to give your baby a bottle everyday yourself first then gradually increasing to twice a day. I breastfed my son as well but I started getting him with the bottle in between feedings. It really helped so my mom or husband could feed him while as I wasn't there. Hope this works for you as well.

  • I think these mom's have great ideas!  The other thing is that on your first outting without baby you might want to stay close to home.  That way if things don't go as planned you can easily come home.  If you have to do this you might try to bottle feed him when you do get home instead of just going to breast feeding.  Just  thought.

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  • It can be tough to get a breast feeding baby to take a bottle once they have fallen in love with mom! This is probably too late but the lactation nurse I work with recommends introducing a bottle before a month of age (after working on breastfeeding for the first few weeks) so that baby doesn't reject them all together. I felt bad when my little guys didn't want to take a bottle but I figured they'll get hungry enough eventually...it's hard! 

  • Yes, he is a mama's boy for sure...but he finally learned to take a bottle. I followed your advice and just gave him a bottle a day until he was used to it. Now, I can leave without worrying that he will go hungry!