Breast Pump???

  • Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of a breast pump that works with the similac bottles?

  • I am not sure that the pump bottles are transferable. they usually come with their own bottles for you to pump into. I tried to use a doc brown bottle with mine once and the suction wasn't right so i had to use the bottle that came with the pump and then transfer the milk to my bottle of choice. As far as being able to pump directly into a similac bottle is concerned i'm not sure that is entirely possible. I only say this because all of the pumps i have seen only have a small mouth opening and similac bottles have a wide opening so they wouldn't really match up. There may be a pump i haven't heard of though. Now as far as pump quality is concerned everyone has their own opinion. There are a couple of threads on this site dedicated to pumps and what people love or dislike about them. Here is a link for you to look at.


  • I'm not really aware of any pumps that work with Similac bottles. Most pumps make their bottle openings to fit their own brand of pumping bottle. If I hear of anything that works, I'll let you know for sure! 

  • Looks like Brinny did an awesome job with this question.  If you need more help let us know!