How Did you Get your Baby on a Feeding Schedule?

  • It can be hard to get a newborn on a feeding schedule, but sometimes a schedule is very necessary. Feeding schedules can help both babies and moms adjust during those first few months. How did you get your baby on a feeding schedule? Did it work? What advice would you give a new mom who was struggling? --Bonnie, Strongmom facilitator

  • Well, some of the best advice I received with a newborn is to realize that a schedule will be very hard. Babies are not really too ready to adapt to schedules like us - so I found it easier to adapt a little more to their needs than the other way around. Someone told me about EASY - Eat time, Awake time, Sleep time, You time. When your baby wakes up from his/her nap - feed them right away, then have some awake/play time with them, then they go back down to sleep, and you have some time for yourself! If you stick to this routine, it seems to help babies get into a good cycle. Hope this helps a bit! 

  • julie that is AWESOME advice! like you i did not put my daughter on a schedule persay. I mainly gave her what she needed when she needed it, but i never really had time for myself. I have never heard of EASY, but i i think it could be a really nice easy routine to follow since it's not a timed routine.

  •  In my own experience, newborn have totally unpredictable eating and sleeping habits. He/She may even have his days and nights mixed up.

  • That is so true Remylim-they often are mixed up.  In the nursery we try to get kiddos on 3-4 hour blocks that are just as NurseJulie described below.  If babies are eating all the time or awake all the time they are burning precious calories and fat stores that they need to grow-so it's not for connivence that they need to be on a schedule but also for optimal growth.  This can be hard, but making a plan and sticking with it pays off big in the end!


  • I was told that you can try to get your child on a feeding schedule, but it's better to let them decide for a couple months. After that it's also easier to know your babies cues. Well I'm a first time mom, so it was for me. Being organized, and having your own schedule can help you transition into a schedule that fits both of you.

    I'm a SAHM and wish I had a schedule, but I lack the motive. I tried a few weeks and I burnt myself out.

    Advice, write down when your child eats/sleeps, for a few weeks. That way you can see the consistencies and base a schedule off of that. If you plan on making a schedule based on your needs, then start with one for them and transition into the one you actually want. for instance if baby eats at 7 am and about every 2 hours after and you want them to sleep in and start eating at 9 am. Feed them right before bed, and if you're lucky they might sleep longer but if they wake up at 7 am as usually start by changing their diaper, maybe changing their clothes and holding them until about 725-730 and feed them then. Slowly start moving it closer to 9 am it maybe take a while.

     Hope it helps

  • I totally agree with what Clark suggests in that you can make gradual changes that can then be easier than abrupt changes-on everyone.  Let us know how you are doing-what is working and what is not.

    take care,


  • I am a mom of three. My mom who was a RN told me to set a sleep schedule first and then the feeding schedule should fall into place. If it was daytime I would keep the lights on, tv, or what ever. When it became night time I would turn the lights off and turn the tv off. This helped them tell the difference between night and day. Then the feeding schedule just worked out smoothly because then I could tell when they were hungry. I would put them down for bed at the same time which was around 10 they would wake up somewhere in between 2 -2 1/2 hours for feeding. I didn't really worry about them feeding to soon or too late, because I figure if you are hungry then you are hungry. 

  • I love the advice from Beedeecees! True and tried!


  • With my son I just fed him when he was hungry which was every 2 hours. Now that he is older it's about every 3 hours (he is almost 15 months old). I guess he was on his own good schedule from the start lol.

  • I think a great lesson learned here from all these posts is that different things work for different people! I think its pretty important to realize that every baby is a little different with a unique personality and needs. It gets so easy to compare yourself to other mothers and feel like maybe you are doing something wrong. As long as your baby is gaining weight and developing normally, trust your instincts! :-) 

  • My baby just turned 2 months. She's still not on a sleep schedule. There will be parts of days where she will eat every hour, then 2 hours, then 3 hours. It's frustrating because sometimes I'll be falling asleep while I'm feeding her. I'm exhausted. Any tips pls???