From Breastmilk to formula

  • I have recrntly decided to try formula with my son and he is not having it. I know it takes awhile and every child is different. My middle daughter loved it and had no problem going to formula i cant seem to find away to get him into it. I need some advice or tricks to get him to try it

  • You could start by adding a little formula to breastmilk. Then gradual decrease the amount of bm and increase the formula. Maybe that will work for you. Good luck!

  • Hi! I agree! I took a few weeks to decrease my bm to formula and now I only have 2 more weeks left and i will doing formula feeding. This helped because my breasts weren't as sore and it got him used to the formula as well! Good luck :)

  • I am trying the same thing because my little one decided to go on a hunger strike at 6 months lol but she has adjusted very well. It seemed easier not to wean, eben though I know your supposed to beacuse that way she wasnt so confused about what she was eating