What should I not eat when breastfeeding?

  • I am not sure if there is anything I should avoid eating while breastfeeding aside from liquor. i have heard that there isn't anything, I have heard don't eat spicy things, I have heard not to eat fish, I am just unsure. I plan to breastfeed my daughter when I have her in August for a year. I only breastfed my son for a month.

  • I think it would be best for you to see a breastfeeding consultant. She might have a really good list of things that you could eat. I know that most of what you eat tends to transfer to your milk... not just nutrition, but flavor too. I also found that when i ate foods that have a tendency to make you gassy (beans, broccoli, garlic...) then the gassyness also transferred to my daughter. I have also heard that eating plenty of fruits will make your milk sweeter, but i never tested that theory. and make sure you are communicating with your babys doctor if you think the baby is having trouble with your milk.. you might be consuming something that your baby is allergic to (milk is a common one).. anyway i would consult a breastfeeding expert and possibly a nutritionist to get the most out of what you are eating.

  • I work with a lot of breast feeding mothers - the best answer to this is to eat your natural diet. The food you eat during pregnancy transfers it's taste into the amniotic fluid. Your baby is already tasting your foods! There are a lot of things that many women hear but the reality is that very few babies are allergic to anything or have difficulty with things. As Brinny said, if you happen to find that your baby has difficult after a particular food, than you can experiment with taking it out of your diet. The vast majority of women, however, eat a well rounded and healthy diet with no concerns! :-) Spicy foods, fish, etc are all just fine! Good luck!! 

  • I agree with PediNurseJulie...just eat what you usually eat and go from there. I nursed 5 children and never had to change my diet.