Long term pumping

  • As a RN in the NICU, I work with lots of mothers who end up pumping for a long time when their baby is born premature. There are some neat tricks and products out there that mothers use to make this a bearable task. One is a hands-free bra that has slits in the cup to hold the pumping flanges so that your hands are free to pick up the phone, a remote control, or type on the computer while pumping. Does anyone else out there have any tricks/tips for moms who have a long term relationship with their pump? :) -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • i love the hands free bra, but yeah if any other moms out there have any other trick let us know! long term pumper here!

  • DaMonstasMom - how is the pumping going for you? How old is your little one? :-) 

  • ohhh the pumping is going, it was painful the first couple of weeks but we got it down now. i am on set schedule, the only thing is getting the amount up. the pump is not as good as babies mouth....

    **i finally got him to latch but he only does it sometimes, so i will keep pumping!**

     He is 6 weeks old!

  • Good job sticking with it in the first few weeks - kudos to you!! You're right - getting the supply up is the hard part but sounds like you've got a system worked out. I hope your little latches more easily for you but he's getting your milk regardless, which is great! 

  • Good job hanging in there with the pumping and feeding. It sounds like you are doing a great job!!  I love your price pic, that is adorable!  :)


  • One thing that helped me alot was learning that you did not have to watch the pump parts after every pumping session. Once a day was enough. Just put the parts into a container and put the in the fridge.

  • I admire all of you long term pumpers. Pumping was hard for me because I never got enough milk out for the pump. Congrats to those of you who haven't given up!

  • Smathis - GREAT tip. I do that when I'm at work - I just stick all my pump parts in a bag in the fridge and wash it all at night when I get home. It really does save a lot of time and effort. Thanks for sharing that!!

  • I've been an exclusive pumper since I brought DS home from the hospital. He had issues with latching due to him clicking/sucking on his tongue. To this very day he still does it, even with a bottle. I saw three different lactation consultants because I really wanted to keep trying to breast feed him. Sadly, it just didn't work and the frustration we both had was enough for us. He was also jaundiced so he had to get his milk to ensure his health. I pumped day and night like clockwork. My DS is almost 4 months. I had two hands-free bras so I could rotate them when the other was being washed. I also would pump right after a hot shower to get the most amount of milk out. A trick I would do is to use the hands-free bra and pump while I was getting ready for work. I should put exclusive pumping on my resume because I swear it's like a whole other job!

  • Stephanie - GOOD TIPS!! Wow, you've worked super hard at this. I give you serious props for the effort you've put into pumping. Your little man is getting your breast milk one way or another and that's a big deal. :-) I love all your little tricks - I have friends who have used pumping bras and felt it didn't fit right. What brand of pumping bra do you have? There are so many out there!!

  • I second Julie, Stephanie you are one awesome mom!  -Jess

  • Wasnt aware you could do that. Just to be super sure I understand this correctly, I can reuse the pumping parts without washing as long as I can stick them ina refrigerator?

    I have just gone back to work and pumping sessions have been long and washing the parts adds to this time and have started to get owrried about how much time I am gone and guess too much worrying is only going to adversely impact my supply.

    Appreciate any other tips for back-to-work mommies to ensure supply wont go down.

    Thanks much!

  • I hate admitting this but I find my manual hand pump works faster and gets more out than the electric pump. Although its a workout and probably causing arthritis in my hands lol it really does the trick. 

  • tpkMOM-yup! If your pump parts are in the refrigerator, they aren't growing bacteria, etc. I usually just run water over the parts and put them in a thermos bag in the refrigerator at work. When I'm ready to pump, I hook it up and do the same thing all over again. Once home in the evening, I give them a good scrubbing with hot soapy water. :-) Nice little time saver, huh?