Making your Own Baby Food vs. Buying it? What did you do?

  • I have always made most of my own baby food, but I do buy some things like rice cereal and the occasional jar of food for outings. What did you do? Did you make your own food or buy it? Share your success stories!--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Although my baby is still with bottle feeding, I'm going to make baby food in a few months or so. Yes, it may be time consuming, but any way sooner or later, I shall get used to it. So why not start earlier and support healthy feeding? I don't know about others, squeezing up time from reading online news, watching Tvs, we can do it!

  • I prepare food on my own sometimes, but most of the time I bought it.  I am pregnant again due next month and this time I am planning of preparing more than buying as I will be at home with the baby I will have more time.

  • I guess I do a little of both...When my daughter turned about 7 months old a nutritionist told me that I could start pureeing different caseroles and feed them to her. So far I have pureed hamburger helper by putting it in my food processor and adding just a little water. She seems to like the taste of it and it helps her in getting used to different textures. I usually feed her some babyfood veggies with it which helps her with washing down the pureed food. Also I have ground up chicken in my food processor and mixed it in with babyfood veggies from a jar.

  • Doing a combo is always a great option if you feel overwhelmed trying to do it all by hand. Even some home made food here and there will be great for your kiddo!