Did anyone Stricktly Pump?

  • I am on #4 pregnancy, and thought about breastfeeding this time, but only pumping and bottle-feeding baby breast milk. Has anyone else done this? What do you think are the pros/cons to this? My other 3 were only bottle fed Similac Advanced formula.

  • I work with a lot of mothers who pump and bottle feed. It's great nutrition for your baby and can be really rewarding to do. You'll need to pump about every 3 hours for 15 minutes at first and get a nice quality pump that will keep your milk supply up. Call your insurance about pump coverage because health care laws are changing for the better in this regard. It's a bit work to be sure - you'll want to pump whenever the baby would eat to keep up your supply but it's a really great thing to do for your kiddo!

  • I am on first baby he was early and just could not get the latch right. I have pumped since being in the hospital. the first couple of weeks were kinda hard because i was pumping so much ( the pump will never be as good a babies latch) to get my milk supply up, but once it got there i was good to go. i love the fact that i am still giving him my breast milk, i was kinda upset he could not latch because i wanted the bond. but i find that even using the bottle we still have that bond! 

    The only bad thing is being out and planning your day around pumping sessions. i always have to make a stop back home before getting all my stuff done because i need to pump.