Mother of 4 week old twin boys..need advice

  • I gave birth a little over 4 weeks ago to twin boys.  I am having a hard time adjusting.    They are so fussy when they're not eating and do not nap very long during the day.  Thankfully at night they do sleep for 4 hour stretches.  I do have them feeding at the same time but during the day it's hard b/c I am alone and find it difficult to prop them up on the pillows b/c they just fall over.  I literally have to catch them sometimes.  When they're done eating and awake for the next two hours I don't know how to entertain them.  They don't like the being in the swing for too long or their bouncy seats.  They cry when you put them in the car seat so taking them for a ride or stroller walk is not fun either.  I need some advice please.  Thank you.

  • That's so hard. Having one is hard enough, I cant imagine having two. Do they like vibrations? The bouncy seat on vibration mode might help. If not, you could try an infant carrier..they would have to take turns of course. Sometimes being outside is nice...just something about the breeze calms them down. Hang in there.

  • i know that this is probably annoying but i don't have twins and i am not going to give you advice but encouragement.  i think that you are a CHAMP because i got really nervous with one.  but, if they are growing than know that you are doing a great job.  just remember that they are learning also, so just keep switching positions and doing different things.  they may grow to love going for walks or car rides once they figure it all out. for me i (again, with only one) i read an article and i wish i could remember where but it talked about the different reasons a baby cries. ( Hopefully i am not making you feel stupid but it really laid it out there).  and it honestly just said to keep changing what you situation the baby is currently in.  Noise, no noice, lights, no lights, and sometimes they just need to cry a little because they are frustrated or cholic-y (sp).  Also, they like to reflect back to when they were in the whom, so you can try to swaddle them and see if that helps.  also "black" noise is something that my son (9 weeks) still loves.  also, when i had my first son, (again just one) he never seemed happy.  but after few months and another article i finally just would talk to him.  i would tell him how i am feeling and it made me feel better. so i literally was sitting on the floor with him listenting him cry and having him listen to me cry.  Hang in there and i hope that there are people who can really give you some good advice for twins.  your boys are lucky to have a mother like you!!  and congrats on your babies!

  • Mommylars22 I believe what you are talking about is the language of a baby. The way they cry means different things. I have read a few things on the subject and all have said the same thing and have been true when it came to my daughter. Knowing the difference in the sound the baby makes when they cry really helped me be able to care for my daughter better. Basically when the baby is hungry their cry will sound like naaaa naaaa. This is because when they cry out of hunger they also suck which manes the n noise. When there is a belly ache or discomfort I believe its aaaaa aaaaa ( double check though) and eaaaa eaaa I believe is needing comfort or held. Its been a while since I have needed these so definitely check on it first... but it may be able to better help you know what your boys want. Anyway congrats on your boys and good luck with helping them adjust.

  • Boy, I sympathize with you. Sounds like you are feeling pretty ragged. Do your boys like to be swaddled? Have you ever tried those lights that shine on the ceiling with different shapes? Music? If your boys are pretty fussy, have you considered the fact that maybe they have upset tummies? My little boy was pretty fussy and couldn't be put down for long. I finally decided to try and see if he had allergies and it turned out he was allergic to dairy (the most common allergy for babies). He's a different kid now! I hope you find something that works for you. Hang in there!!